The Empress Tarot Card Meanings

The Empress Keywords

UPRIGHT: Femininity, beauty, nature, nurturing, abundance

REVERSED: Creative block, dependence on others


The Empress is a wonderful, full-figured lady with light hair and quiet quality about her. On her head, she wears a crown of twelve stars, showing her association with the magical domain and the patterns of the normal world (the year of the year and the twelve planets). Her robe is designed with pomegranates, emblematic of fruitfulness, and sits upon a rich cluster of pads and streaming red velvet. One pad includes the image of Venus, the planet of adoration, imagination, fruitfulness, magnificence, and beauty – the pith of The Empress.

A delightful, rich timberland and winding stream encompasses The Empress, implying her association with Mother Earth and life itself. She draws her feeling of harmony from the trees and the water and is restored by the energy of nature. In the frontal area, brilliant wheat springs from the dirt, reflecting overflow from a new gather.

The Empress Upright

The Empress connotes a solid association with our gentility. Womanliness interprets in numerous ways – tastefulness, sexiness, ripeness, inventive articulation, sustaining – and is vital for making balance in all kinds of people. The Empress approaches you to associate with your ladylike energy. Make magnificence in your life. Interface with your faculties through taste, contact, sound, smell, and sight. Attract these faculties to encounter delight and profound satisfaction. Indulge yourself in a day spa, learn to knead, partake in a fine café or invest more energy with your accomplice. Find various ways to deal with putting yourself out there innovatively, be it through painting, music, dramatization, or other works of art. This might be the ideal opportunity to take up another side interest that empowers you to get to this piece of yourself.

The Empress connotes overflow. You are encircled by life’s delights and extravagances and have all that you want to carry on with an agreeable way of life. You are in a time of development, where all you have longed for is presently happening as expected. At the point 

when The Empress shows up in your Tarot readings, pause for a minute to ponder the abundance that encompasses you and proposition appreciation for all you have made so you can keep on expanding on this energy and make significantly more overflow in your life.

Like the Mother Earth original, The Empress urges you to branch out into nature to ground your energy and be in the stream with the earth. Go on an outing to your #1 normal setting, be it a backwoods, oceanside, mountain, or lake, and sit for several minutes, hours, or even days to take in the energy that encompasses you while wandering about the excellence of your environmental elements. Permit yourself the time and the space to enter an alternate attitude and get the establishing soul of nature into your heart and awareness. Whenever you do this, you can arrive at higher planes of cognizance.

Whenever you are on top of the energy of The Empress, you will normally take on her mothering nature. You feel a compelling impulse to sustain and focus on others, from a position of cherishing sympathy and backing. You consider it to be a gift and a distinction to watch out for other people, and in doing so you, as well, get the benefit. In a more exacting sense, you might venture into the job of ‘mother’, maybe as the mother of an infant, guardian of others’ youngsters, or investing greater quality energy with your children.

The Empress can likewise propose pregnancy or birth. This might be a real pregnancy or labor, or a figurative ‘birth’ of a novel thought or task. Create your inventive thoughts by sustaining them and supporting their development. Permit those plans and their sign to course through you, acting with empathy and love.

The Empress Reversed

Switched, The Empress urges you to focus on self-esteem and taking care of yourself. Right now is an ideal opportunity to carry your caring energy and concentration to yourself, particularly if you have been offering your power by putting an excessive amount of accentuation on someone else’s personal or material necessities, along these lines ignoring your own. Book a young ladies’ end of the week, take a stroll all alone, or begin an inventive venture that is only for you. Fundamentally, you fill your cup and care for yourself so you can then deal with others without hatred.

You may likewise long for a more grounded association with nature and Mother Earth. Presently is the ideal event to spend even only a couple of hours in a characteristic setting like an oceanside, park, or nursery. Take in the brilliant energy as you’re encircled commonly’s excellence and get some margin to see the easily overlooked details: an insect hustling along on the ground, new leaves growing on the trees, or the rich purples and greens of the blossoms and plants.

The Empress Reversed can recommend that you are feeling an innovative square, particularly in ‘birthing’ a groundbreaking thought or putting yourself out there inventively. You might stress whether it will be a triumph or then again on the off chance that your work is interesting to other people. Until further notice, don’t make a fuss over others’ thought processes. Interestingly, you are permitting your innovative energy to stream, regardless of whether it implies keeping your most current manifestations hidden from you just (and regardless of whether they seem to be a three-year-old made them!).

The Empress Reversed may point out your issues around self-perception. Is it true or not that you are your greatest pundit with regards to what you look like and the state of your body? Figure out how to cherish your body once more and express gratefulness for the exquisite bends, irregularities, and knocks. Rediscover your magnificence, all around.

In your connections, you might play the ‘mothering’ job excessively far, becoming overprotective, mutually dependent, and controlling. If this resounds, the time has come to move your concentration from the mother-kid relationship to a grown-up to-grown-up relationship by making autonomy, trust, and adoring empathy.

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