The Lovers Tarot Card Meanings

The Lovers Keywords

UPRIGHT: Love, harmony, relationships, values alignment, choices

REVERSED: Self-love, disharmony, imbalance, misalignment of values


The Lovers card shows a bare man and lady remaining underneath the heavenly messenger, Raphael, whose name signifies ‘God mends’ and addresses both physical and close to home recuperating. The heavenly messenger favors the man and lady and helps them to remember their association with the Divine.

Several stands in a delightful, ripe scene, suggestive of the Garden of Eden. Behind the lady stands a tall apple tree, with a snake wrapping its direction up the storage compartment. The snake and apple tree address the allurement of erotic joys that might remove one’s concentration from the Divine. Behind the man is a tree of blazes, which addresses enthusiasm, the essential worry of the man. The twelve blazes propose the twelve zodiac signs, the image of time and endlessness. The man focuses on the lady, who watches the holy messenger, showing the way of the cognizant to the subliminal to the super-cognizant, or from actual longing to profound necessities to otherworldly worries.

The volcanic mountain behind the scenes is fairly phallic and addresses the ejection of energy that happens when man and lady meet in full front-facing nakedness.

The Lovers Upright

In its most flawless structure, The Lovers card addresses cognizant associations and significant connections. The appearance of this card in a Tarot perusing shows that you have an excellent, soul-regarding association with a friend or family member. You might accept you have observed your perfect partner or soul mate, and the sexual energy between you both goes far past moment delight and desire to something exceptionally otherworldly and practically Tantric. While The Lovers card normally alludes to a heartfelt tie, it can likewise address a dear fellowship or family relationship where love, regard, and empathy stream.

The Lovers is a card of open correspondence and crude trustworthiness. Considering that the man and lady are bare, they are both ready to be in their most weak states and have figured out how to hold nothing back from each other and share their most genuine sentiments. They shape the holder from which trust and certainty can arise, and this makes for a strong connection between the two. In a perusing, this card is an indication that by imparting transparently and genuinely with those you care about, you will make an agreeable and satisfying relationship based on trust and regard.

On an additional individual level, The Lovers card addresses becoming clear about your qualities and convictions. You are sorting out a big motivator for you and your way of thinking. Having gone through the inculcation of The Hierophant, you are presently prepared to layout your conviction framework and conclude what isn’t fundamental for you. Now is the ideal time to go into the enormous wide world and settle on decisions for yourself, remaining consistent with what your identity is and being bona fide and certifiable in the entirety of your undertakings.

At its heart, The Lovers is about the decision. The decision about who you need to be in this lifetime, how you associate with others and on what level, and what you will and will not rely on. To use sound judgment, you should be clear about your own convictions and values – and remain consistent with them. Not all choices will be simple all things considered. The Lovers card is much of the time a sign that you are confronting an ethical situation and should think about all results prior to acting. Your qualities framework is being tested, and you are being called to follow the higher way, regardless of whether it is troublesome. Try not to complete a choice in light of dread or stress or culpability or disgrace. Presently, like never before, you should pick love – love for yourself, love for other people, and love for the Universe. Pick your best self.

At long last, The Lovers card urges you to bring together double powers. You can unite two sections that are apparently contrary to each other and make something that is ‘entire’, brought together and amicable. In each decision, there is an equivalent measure of benefit and disservice, opportunity and challenge, positive and negative. At the point when you acknowledge these dualities, you fabricate the solidarity from which love streams.

The Lovers Reversed

The Lovers card is unadulterated love and agreement. Switched, it can flag when you’re out of sync with people around you, especially your friends and family. You might observe your connections are stressed and that correspondence is testing. Does maybe you are only not in total agreement and never again share similar qualities? Provided that this is true, return to the explanation you have this individual in your life. Assuming you love that person genuinely, realize this second will pass and everything you can manage is to carry love and sympathy to the circumstance. In different cases, you might understand that you have essentially developed separated and now is the ideal time to continue on. Assuming that your relationship keeps on being sprinkled with contentions and an absence of regard for each other, then, at that point, it very well may be an ideal opportunity to give up. Honor yourself and do what is best for you both.

The Lovers Reversed can likewise mirror that the sentiments inside a relationship are not shared. One individual might be more genuinely involved than the other, and this hole could prompt frustration and frailty later down the track. You might be hesitant to hold anything back from the relationship inspired by a paranoid fear of getting injured.

The Lovers Reversed additionally addresses self-esteem and regard. How much do you respect and acknowledge what your identity is and the worth you offer in this world? Be careful, as well, in the event that you take a gander at others and wish you were more similar to them. That’s what figure out on the off chance that you can perceive these qualities in others, it is on the grounds that you encapsulate them. As Dr. John Demartini says: ‘When we respect characteristics in others, it’s the Universe’s method for inspiring you to awaken and perceive your own assets – at the end of the day, you should try to understand that anything you see in others you additionally have inside yourself.’

Assuming The Lovers Reversed appears in a perusing, you could confront a difficult decision with huge outcomes. Rather than going with a choice in view of your qualities, you feel enticed to compromise and keep away from liability regarding your activities. You might figure you can pull off it, however, The Lovers Reversed begs you to reconsider and pick the way most in arrangement with your Highest Good – regardless of how hard it very well maybe.

The Lovers Reversed can likewise propose inward struggles and being at battle with yourself as opposed to with outside powers. It demonstrates disharmony and a battle to adjust your internal association. Is it true that you are rebuffing yourself for something you have done or viewed yourself as liable for? To help you out of this spot, you should zero in on articulating your own conviction frameworks and values. They will direct you in settling on better choices sometime later. You might need to get back to the energy of The Hierophant and look for the insight and guidance of an organization or otherworldly coach.

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