Ten Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Ten Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Divine love, blissful relationships, harmony, alignment.

REVERSED: Disconnection, misaligned values, struggling relationships.

Ten Of Cups Description


On the Ten of Cups, a several stands together, arms outstretched, as their two youngsters play close by. They look towards their home on the slope and a lovely rainbow overhead loaded up with ten cups. These two have valid, never-ending love and have all that they might at any point want – the home, the children, and above all, satisfying adoration – and they share this bond with individuals around them.


The family home represents security and solace, while the lush slopes imply fruitfulness and the waterway denotes the progression of feeling. The rainbow flags the finish of troublesome times and is a sign from the Divine that all will be well. The untainted scene is one of genuine close-to-home satisfaction and Divine love.


Ten Of Cups Upright


The Ten of Cups encapsulates joy, happiness, and profound satisfaction, especially in your connections and family. You have made an overflow of affection and bliss in your life, and you presently share this adoration with others, growing your heart considerably more. This card frequently seems when you are encircled by your friends and family with whom you share a strong and profound association. You appreciate and uphold each other, and together, you help each other arrive at your most noteworthy potential. It gives you such a lot of pleasure to see your friends and family succeed and carry on with blissful lives.


The Ten of Cups is the ‘cheerful family’ card, proposing that your family connections are amicable and adoring at present. Nobody is battling or causing any pressure; all relatives are coexisting with one another and partaking in the adoration and bliss that encompasses you. This card might show up in an understanding when you are investing more energy with family, maybe on a vacation, gathering, or occasion, where you can rest and unwind together, making fun and blissful family recollections and solid bonds.


The Ten of Cups is a positive card for close connections and may show either a new and happy relationship or a drawn-out responsibility, like commitment, marriage, or beginning a family together. You share a never-ending love and may accept that you are perfect partners bound to be with each other.


At the point when the Ten of Cups springs up in a Tarot perusing, you have a feeling of completeness, consummation, and arrangement in your associations with others. You are encountering an untainted condition of harmony, amicability, and love where your fantasies and wishes have worked out. Make a second to stride back and value all that you achieved. You made the existence of association and joy by depending on your instinct and confiding in your instinct.


The Ten of Cups urges you to depend on your instinct and trust your instinct to lead you to the potential open doors lined up with your Highest Good. Your sentiments and feelings will direct you. When something feels phenomenal, accomplish a greater amount of it; and when something doesn’t feel right, do less of it. Permit your inward direction to lead the way. Search out potential open doors that satisfy you and line up with your own qualities as opposed to following the way that others anticipate that you should take.


Ten Of Cups Reversed



Whenever the switched Ten of Cups card shows up in a Tarot perusing, you are looking for more noteworthy congruity and association in your connections. To you, you had wanted a delightful, amicable relationship, yet in all actuality, you feel separated and withdrawn from your cherished one. It might appear as though something is missing, and you’re attempting to impart sincerely, identify, and draw in with each other. Each time you attempt to associate, something turns out badly, and you end up with much more distance between you. You might have ridiculous assumptions about the relationship: that all that will be great and ruddy consistently you are together. On the off chance that this resounds, realign your assumptions and understand that each relationship has its high points and low points. Or then again, you may at this point not be a fit for one another, in which case you might think about leaving.


The Ten of Cups welcomes you to search out shared conviction with your friends and family and revamp the relationship from that point. See the other individual as a Divine Being deserving of your adoration; and similarly, see yourself as a Divine Being deserving of theirs. Love and be adored. Open the lines of correspondence and be prepared to hold space for each other so you can reconnect on a more profound, really adoring level. Be humane, understanding, and deferential, and look for concordance with each other.


The switched Ten of Cups can likewise seem when you are mulling over how a caring relationship affects you. Instead of building associations with others, you are concentrating internally so you can acquire lucidity around what you need from a relationship. Ask yourself what an ideal relationship resembles you and how you need to give and get love. Consider how you can bring a greater amount of this energy into your future connections. You might take a gander at your current connections and register to perceive how these connections line up with your longings. Relinquish any that done give you satisfaction and joy, and welcome in new connections in arrangement with your Highest Good.


The Ten of Cups switched can uncover a misalignment of individual qualities. You are not living by your own qualities, nor are you being consistent with yourself. All things considered, you are permitting others to conclude what endlessly won’t satisfy you when you realize you ought to establish that for yourself. Thus, you are addressing whether you have confidence in the thing you are doing. Take your concentration back to what really fulfills you regardless of whether it varies from what others anticipate.


At last, the turned around Ten of Cups might propose that you are disregarding your family while you seek after additional material objectives, for example, advancing your profession or getting more cash. Your balance between fun and serious activities is messed up, and you are investing less and less quality energy with your loved ones. Assuming you keep on disregarding your family, you’ll observe that connections will endure and you may not accomplish a general feeling of satisfaction and joy according to plan.