The Emperor Tarot Card Meanings

The Emperor Keywords

UPRIGHT: Authority, establishment, structure, a father figure

REVERSED: Domination, excessive control, lack of discipline, inflexibility


On the off chance that The Empress is the Mother model of the Tarot deck, The Emperor is the Father. He sits upon a huge stone high position, embellished with four rams’ heads (representative of his association with Aries and the planet Mars). In his right hand, The Emperor holds an ankh, the Egyptian image of life, and in his left is a sphere addressing the world over which he runs the show.

He wears a red robe, characteristic of his power, enthusiasm, and energy forever. Under it, he wears a suit of covering, proposing that he is safeguarded from any danger (and any close to home reaction or weakness). His long white facial hair is representative of his deep-rooted shrewdness and experience, and alongside his gold crown, he is a powerful figure who requests to be heard.

Behind his high position lingers a tall, invulnerable mountain range, implying that he is supported by a strong groundwork yet impervious to rolling out any improvements except if he considers it significant. Underneath the pinnacles streams a little waterway, giving some expectation that regardless of his extreme outside, he is as yet a close to home being – it will simply take a ton of digging and trust to free him up to his milder side.

The Emperor Upright

As the mentor of the Tarot deck, The Emperor recommends that you are taking on this caring job (whether or not you are male or female), accommodating your family, and safeguarding and protecting your friends and family. You might be the provider or the ‘rock’ for the people who depend on your solidness and security.

Likewise, The Emperor addresses a strong pioneer who requests regard and authority. Status, power, and acknowledgment are crucial for you, and you are most agreeable in a position of authority where you can order and direct others. As a pioneer, you rule with a firm yet fair hand. You have a reasonable vision of what you need to make, and you put together people around you to show your objective. You pay attention to the counsel of others, yet you like to have the last say. Struggle doesn’t startle you, and you will not hold back to utilize your ability to safeguard those you care about. Also, consequently, those individuals will reimburse you with faithfulness and regard for your merit. Guarantee your position as a pioneer and powerhouse and don’t allow others to put you down.

The Emperor mirrors a framework limited by rules and guidelines. You make the rule of law by applying standards or rules to a particular circumstance. Make quiet out of mayhem by separating any issue into its parts and afterward delineating the moves you want to initiate to determine it. Be orderly, vital, and profoundly coordinated in your methodology, and adhere to your arrangement until the end.

The Emperor card additionally implies world information and skill. Through the course of your life, you have acquired significant insight and educational experience, and presently you appreciate offering direction, exhortation, and bearing to somebody who could profit from it. You might be an educator, mentor, chief, or simply an old buddy who likes to take what you have realized and pass it on so others can be essential as astute and strong as you.

The Emperor Reversed

The Emperor Reversed approaches you to evaluate your relationship with power, control, authority, obligation, and discipline. Is it true that you are communicating excessively or excessively tad of these components in your day-to-day existence at present? Is it true that they are working for you or against you?

In the turned around position, The Emperor can be oppressive and unbending in his reasoning. The card can propose an over-use and maltreatment of definitive power encompassing you. It could begin with you or someone else, frequently a chief, accomplice, or mentor. Also, it could be a result of profound weaknesses or father issues from youth.

Consider the job that shows dominance in your life. Is it true or not that you are attesting your power and predominance that leaves others feeling weak? Or then again would you say you are providing away your own ability to satisfy another person, frequently a mentor or an individual in power? Look to observe an answer where you lead from a position of individual power and empower others to do likewise. Power can be similarly and usefully conveyed – you don’t have to take it from others, nor do you want to part with yours.

The Emperor Reversed might be an indication that others shift focus over to you as their chief or as a specialist in the field however you are avoiding the job. You might fear being viewed as the pioneer, rather than like to stow away in the shadows or avoid the spotlight. There might be alternate ways you can have an effect and impact the world, for example, by writing a book or preparing others to contact a greater crowd.

At times, The Emperor Reversed requests that you confront authority. You might grope taken care of by a domineering chief or a various leveled association and feel a sense of urgency to enter a more adaptable and versatile climate. Perhaps you try to work for yourself and stir autonomously by firing up your own business. Or then again, you might look for a profession where you can have more noteworthy adaptability and innovativeness by the way you complete your work. You are tired of having to continuously work inside the limits of a specific construction or approach to getting things done, and you need to break liberated from it.

Whenever The Emperor Reversed springs up in a Tarot perusing, focus on your obligation to your objectives and your self-restraint to take care of business. Assuming you are battling to see any genuine results, make sure that you have an arrangement set up, a daily practice to help it, and the commitment to own it. You might have to get a little hard on yourself and accomplish the awkward work you’d like to stay away from. However, if you can saddle the positive, upstanding energy of The Emperor, your endeavors will prompt achievement.

In a relationship perusing, The Emperor Reversed recommends that you might be in an inconsistent association and it’s making you miserable in the long haul. Your better half has become tyrannical, possessive, overwhelming, and legitimate. While you might have been searching for an accomplice to deal with you and proposition a steady starting point for the future, those characteristics have gone excessively far, and it appears to be like a lot of your autonomy and opportunity have been removed. This dynamic is overwhelming the relationship and forestalling a progression of energies between you.