Eight Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Eight Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Disappointment, abandonment, withdrawal, escapism.

REVERSED: Trying one more time, indecision, aimless drifting, walking away.

Eight Of Cups Description


In the Eight of Cups, a man leaves the eight cups remaining in the frontal area. The cups are organized so that it seems as though one is feeling the loss, a sign that profound satisfaction and completeness are deficient. The man has betrayed these cups with a feeling of misfortune and dissatisfaction and rearranges away into the mountains. A close-by stream represents his feelings, and the mountains address the mindfulness that this won’t be a simple excursion (however it will be vital for genuine long-haul satisfaction). The moon in the night’s sky enlightens the way forward – the man is leaving at an ungodly hour wanting to go unrecognized, recommending that there might be a degree of break or aversion in this card.


Eight Of Cups Upright


At the point when the Eight of Cups appears in a Tarot perusing, you might feel a sense of urgency to leave what is happening. It could mean walking out on an unfulfilling relationship, work, profession way, living game plan, or inventive task that was once a wellspring of extraordinary joy to you yet presently just brings you torment. You have contributed yourself genuinely in any case, in spite of your earnest attempts, are frustrated; it hasn’t turned out the manner in which you had anticipated that it should, and you understand that you are done getting anything out of this present circumstance. Presently, the main decision is to place it behind you and continue on with your own personal business, regardless of whether it brings you bitterness as you bid farewell.


The Eight of Cups recommends you sense that something is missing, especially on a profound or otherworldly level, and on second thought of sitting around idly for things to improve, you realize you really want to leave that unfulfilling circumstance. It may not check out to others in light of the fact that on the face, maybe you have all that you had wanted – in any case, where it counts, you know it’s not serving your Highest Good, and it’s the ideal opportunity for you to release it and continue on.


The Eight of Cups can be an indication that you are attempting to get away from a tricky profound circumstance or staying away from a few significant mental issues and concerns. The Cups in the forefront address intense subject matters that stay genuine and present in your life. However, you are attempting to imagine as though they never again exist, declining to manage them. You might curb your feelings or decline to have open discussions with others about what’s going on, rather liking to imagine as though all is great, or keeping away from the scene out and out.


The Eight of Cups welcomes you to ask yourself what gives you pleasure, happiness, and satisfaction on a more profound level. Without it, you could seek after objectives that neglect to give you the fulfillment you’re chasing. For instance, you might believe being in a drawn-out relationship is what you need, however when you manifest it, you understand that it’s the drawn-out relationship you need as well as a profound soul association with somebody. In the event that that is not there, then, at that point, the relationship won’t satisfy your requirements regardless of how long you stay together. Thus, assuming that you find yourself over and again in these Eight of Cups circumstances where you must choose the option to leave, invest energy investigating what will give you genuine joy and realign your objectives with your qualities.


Eight Of Cups Reversed


The turned around Eight of Cups brings up the issue, “Do I stay or do I go?” You might be gotten between leaving what is happening or attempting one final opportunity to improve things. Be that as it may, the genuine inquiry is, ‘Could the conditions at any point improve, or is it an act of futility?’ Check-in with your instinct to comprehend whether you ought to allow what is happening another opportunity, or on the other hand, assumes you ought to deliver and let go.


Assuming the turned around Eight of Cups is matched with additional inactive cards, for example, the Hanged Man or the Four of Swords, then, at that point, it could be an indication that you wish to attempt once again. Nonetheless, in the event that this card is coupled with a more dynamic card, for example, the Eight of Wands or Chariot, it very well might be an ideal opportunity to continue on and seek after an alternate way.


The turned around Eight of Cups welcomes you to pay attention to your heart about your next game-plan. Others might have an assessment, yet the main thing is what means a lot to you. Just you know whether this present circumstance is serving you and in the event that there is potential for what’s to come. Be aware of what you need and afterward register to check whether this move is in arrangement with your objectives and dreams.


On occasion, the turnaround Eight of Cups can show that you are floating starting with one spot then onto the next on the grounds that you never feel happy with remaining in one spot. “The grass is generally greener on the opposite side.” If this reverberates, ask yourself what makes you cheerful and how you can plan your life in arrangement with your most profound satisfaction.