Queen Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Queen Of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT: Courage, confidence, independence, social butterfly, determination

REVERSED: Self-respect, self-confidence, introverted, re-establish a sense of self

Queen Of Wands Description

The Queen of Wands sits upon a privileged position enlivened with lions confronting restricting headings, an image of fire and strength. In her left hand, on her crown, and behind her are sunflowers, representing life, richness, euphoria, and fulfillment, and her right hand holds a wand with one little fledgling springing to life. A dark feline sits under her, a sign that while this Queen is strong and active she is likewise in contact with her shadow self – the more obscure, less popular side of her being.

Queen Of Wands Upright

The Queen of Wands advises you that you are energetic, not entirely set in stone. You are here to see through your imaginative dreams and life reason, even notwithstanding misfortune and challenge. Exceptionally self-actualized and mindful, you know how to best channel your assets and shortcomings to accomplish your objectives. You are hopeful and brimming with thoughts to impart to other people. You know what you need and how to get it, and are stunning at drawing in with others to accomplish your objectives. Not entirely set in stone and zeroed in on your objectives while being amicable and hopeful with people around you.

The Queen of Wands requests that you be strong in your endeavors and activities. Make it a point to claim your genuine power and put it out into the world. You have such a great amount to offer – so focus your light brilliant! Have confidence in yourself and a big motivator for you, and don’t hesitate for even a moment to shout out and be heard. Nobody will quiet you.

Ever the extrovert, the Queen of Wands recommends that you have a bustling existence, making associations with others and putting yourself out there as you seek after your innovative vision. You emanate wellbeing and essentialness, and your inward liveliness fills you with energy and motivation – a characteristic conceived, a wise pioneer who effectively rouses others. You can be an incredible ‘mover and shaker,’ impacting others through your vision, boldness, and assurance. You impart trust in others, and you give them the power and confidence that they can accomplish anything they put their energy into.

The Queen of Wands likewise shows you are putting yourself out there completely in your outside world and appreciate being the focal point of consideration. You make a strong initial feeling and can rapidly prevail upon others with your sweet, warm and beguiling nature. This present time is the ideal opportunity to put yourself out there and meet new individuals or make a local area of similar individuals. They will be attracted by your energy, energy, and excitement, and together you can make positive change on the planet.

At long last, the Queen of Wands urges you to get to know your shadow self, the less popular and in some cases more obscure side of who you truly are. This doesn’t be guaranteed to should be a pessimistic part of yourself, yet could be something that a great many people have hardly any insight into you… yet! It could be your dull funny bone, a mysterious life from quite a while ago, or a purposeful venture you’ve kept stowed away. While you might need to safeguard this piece of yourself, the Queen of Wands urges you to communicate this side all the more transparently with others – make sure to show your shadow sometimes. It will empower you to interface with others on a more profound level.

Queen Of Wands Reversed

The Queen of Wands switched shows you have arrived at a position of self-confidence and certainty. You know yourself on a profound level, and you are sure about your own reality and conviction frameworks. You know a big motivator for you and you are not handily moved by the assessments of others. You have additionally characterized how achievement affects you, regardless of whether it contrasts with others’ definitions.

The Queen of Wands turned around can likewise recommend that you might be more contemplative than expected. Rather than being the outgoing person and main focus, you like to wait uninvolved and watch what is happening. That is completely OK – honor your necessities and sentiments and don’t drive yourself to be outgoing and ‘out there when you would rather not be. You may likewise feel called to invest more energy alone so you can associate with your internal identity and hear your inward voice.

Assuming you have needed certainty, the Queen of Wands turned around and welcomes you to bring your energy and consideration internal and center around reconstructing your identity and your strength. You might have given your control over others by giving an excessive amount of consideration to their viewpoints and suppositions. Presently, you really want to bring your mindfulness internal, so you can hear yourself and access your own assets and gifts. Find what your identity is and be brave in communicating ‘you’ in all that you do, regardless of whether it is not the same as what others expect of you.

Queen of Wands