Wheel Of Fortune Tarot Card Meanings

Wheel Of Fortune Keywords

UPRIGHT: Good luck, karma, life cycles, destiny, a turning point

REVERSED: Bad luck, resistance to change, breaking cycles


The Wheel of Fortune card shows a goliath wheel, with three figures on the external edges. Four Hebrew letters – YHVH (Yod Heh Vau Heh), the unpronounceable name of God – are recorded on the wheel’s face. There are likewise the letters TORA, remembered to be a form of the word Torah, signifying ‘regulation’, or TAROT, or even ROTA (Latin for ‘wheel’). The center wheel has the catalytic images for mercury, sulfur, water, and salt – the structure squares of life and the four components – and addresses developmental power.

On the external circle is a snake, the Egyptian god Typhon (the lord of malevolence), sliding on the left side. The snake likewise addresses the existing force diving into the material world. On the right side ascents the Anubis, the Egyptian God of the dead who invites spirits to the hidden world. Also, on top of the wheel sits the Sphinx, addressing information and strength.

Toward the edges of the Wheel of Fortune card are four-winged animals, each related to the four fixed indications of the Zodiac: the holy messenger is Aquarius, the hawk is Scorpio, the lion is Leo, and the bull is Taurus. Their wings mean solidness in the midst of development and change, and each holds the Torah, addressing astuteness.

Wheel Of Fortune Upright

The Wheel of Fortune advises you that the wheel is continuously turning and life is in a condition of steady change. Assuming you’re going through a troublesome time have confidence that it will get better from here. Best of luck and favorable luck will make their return in time. Additionally, in the event that things are working out positively, know this, as well, will change and life might get back to ‘typical’ soon. This cycle shows why it is so essential to esteem the joyful minutes in your day-to-day existence and capitalize on them while they are reachable – in light of the fact that instantly they could be gone.

The Wheel of Fortune is otherwise called the wheel of karma and advises you that ‘what circumvents comes around.’ Be a sort and adoring individual to other people, and they’ll be caring and wanting to you. Be terrible and mean, and you will get awful and mean turning around your way. In this way, assuming you need bliss and overflow, ensure you’re conveying that positive juju in kind. What you convey into the Universe will return in your direction.

The Wheel of Fortune card requests that you be hopeful and have confidence that the Universe will deal with your circumstance in the most effective way conceivable. Contemplation and representation can build up your expectation to bring expanded overflow, favorable luck, and thriving to you. Your life is going to turn in additional positive headings in the event that you will develop and extend. Keep your brain open to a wide range of synchronicities and signs from the Universe. The enchantment of destiny and predetermination is behind you, and wonders are going on.

Being available to the assistance of others, as well, as a direction from both the physical and profound domains is supporting you along with your excursion. They maintain that you should get along admirably, so relish their help at the present time. Approach them any time you want it. You may likewise feel a sense of urgency to work with the chief heavenly messengers and climbed experts to help and guide you.

On the off chance that you are somebody who likes to have control and dependability, the Wheel of Fortune might come as a shock to the framework. This Tarot card recommends that variables unchangeable as far as you might be concerned are impacting what is going on. It is like the Universe is dishing up anything that it satisfies; it’s capricious and terrifying. This is one of the difficult parts of the Wheel of Fortune since regardless of what direction the Wheel turns, it is difficult to attempt to transform it. You really want to acknowledge what’s going on and adjust. Accept circumstances for what they are!

At long last, the Wheel of Fortune can show a basic defining moment in your life. Amazing open doors you would never envision are out of nowhere accessible to you, and you get the opportunity to roll out a huge improvement in your life. While it could be unforeseen and new, consider this to be a challenge to make something happen and take an altogether new heading in your life. The more you check out your instinct and permit the Universe to direct you, the better the results will be.

Wheel Of Fortune Reversed

Whenever the Wheel of Fortune is switched, your karma and fortune might get ugly. You might encounter surprising changes or negative powers could be affecting everything, leaving you vulnerable. You have a decision: you can sit idle and trust things will improve, or you can act to advance your circumstance. Consider this second to be your chance to assume command over your predetermination and get your life in the groove again.

Changing your predetermination begins with tolerating liability regarding where you are currently. Consider which job your prior activities have played in your current conditions. In any event, when you think everything is unchangeable as far as you might be concerned, there are many times something you might have done another way that could have changed where you are present. What could you at any point gain from this present circumstance and how might you apply it to your future life, so you don’t wind up misstepping the same way?

The Wheel of Fortune Reversed can likewise reflect protection from change, especially in the event that you feel it constrained upon you. This card recommends that change has turned into a wellspring of huge pressure, and you might be attempting to deliberately or subliminally prevent occasions from running their course. Acknowledge that change is inescapable and you will have a significantly better encounter when you can accept circumstances for what they are.

On the positive side, the Wheel of Fortune Reversed could imply that you are at long last breaking a negative cycle that has been available in your life. Maybe you have acknowledged how your activities have caused a dull circumstance and are presently prepared to break liberated from the cycle. As far as some might be concerned, this might stream normally following a time of thoughtfulness and self-revelation. For other people, things might have to end up in a very difficult situation before you are prepared to see what is done serving you (particularly assuming The Devil or The Tower is in your perusing).

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