Queen Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Queen Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Compassionate, caring, emotionally stable, intuitive, in flow.

REVERSED: Inner feelings, self-care, self-love, co-dependency.

Queen Of Cups Description


The Queen of Cups is a lovely, reflective lady who sits on a high position at the edge of the ocean. In her grasp, she holds a brilliant, cup embellished with handles formed like heavenly messengers. Dissimilar to the majority of the cups in the Suit of Cups cards, this cup is shut – showing that the Queen’s contemplations and sentiments come from her psyche mind and the profundities of her spirit.


She sits upon a stone lofty position enhanced with pictures of ocean sprites, fish, and scallop shells. The ocean and fish are images of the oblivious brain, and water addresses feeling, soul and insight. A cloudless, brilliant blue sky and peaceful water of the ocean encompass her. Her feet don’t contact the water; they lay on beautiful rocks on the shore. Maybe she is associated with her feelings (as addressed by the water), but not overpowered by them.


Queen Of Cups Upright


The Queen of Cups is sustaining, mindful, merciful, and touchy. Whenever you see her in a Tarot perusing, you are typifying her ‘supporting mother’ energy. You support others by tuning in with your heart, being merciful, and really focusing on them profoundly. You are empathic and can detect the requirements of others by checking out your instinct, and you hold the space for others to communicate their feelings and be the most genuine, most legitimate variants of themselves. You have dominated this so that, despite the fact that you hold space for profound articulation, you don’t take on others’ energy or intense subject matters since you are dependable and know where to make a sound partition.


The Queen of Cups says you are profoundly natural, innovative, and in-stream with the encompassing energies. In your cooperation with others, you can without much of a stretch read others to get a feeling of how to impart actually, empowering you both to feel appreciated and comprehended. Others might come to you to trust their private matters with respect to connections, feelings, and sentiments. They trust you and realize that you generally have the right arrangement. You can quickly check out the thing others are going through and can assist them with sorting out them. You might be a healer, instructor, instinctive mentor; or perhaps an old buddy. You perceive the Divine in everybody you meet.


In your inventive ventures and attempts, you ‘feel’ your direction into them, confiding in your heart and your inward direction to lead you in the correct bearing. You realize when something is ‘off’, and you focus on this, regardless of whether it seems OK. You might be on top of the patterns of the moon and nature, utilizing these cycles to show your objectives and experience your fantasies.


Whenever the Queen of Cups shows up in a Tarot perusing, you are being approached to trust your instinct and focus on your sentiments and feelings. Lead with your heart, not your head. Be available to get the instinctive messages streaming to you, be it through your fantasies, contemplation, or representation. What’s more ‘feel the feels’, regardless of whether those sentiments are interesting or testing. You are more grounded than you know.


Queen Of Cups Reversed


At the point when the turned-around Queen of Cups appears in a Tarot perusing, you really want to draw your consideration inwards and center around your profound prosperity. You’re extraordinary at dealing with others – however, presently it is the right time to deal with YOU. This card proposes that you are genuinely depleted on the grounds that you have been so bustling supporting others, however not yourself. You might have to define firm limits with your friends and family so they realize you love them yet won’t take on their psychological weight. You can hold space for them, at the end of the day, they are answerable for their sentiments and educational experience, and they need to go on their own excursion to figure out how to adapt.


The turned-around Queen of Cups could mean you are enveloped by others’ close-to-home reactions and have made a mutually dependent relationship that isn’t smart for one or the other party. You might be parting with a lot of yourself, getting minimal consequently. Or on the other hand, you might be accidentally cultivating reliance so you feel required. Look at your connections and see where you can make a solid separation. Where could you at any point actually give daily encouragement yet not to the impediment of each other?


The Queen of Cups turned around is in many cases a sign that your instinct is on overdrive at this moment, yet to hear it, you really want to give yourself the time and the space to tune in. It doesn’t make any difference how occupied you think you are – consider this to be your sign to reconnect with your instinct and check out your inward voice.


On occasion the turned around Queen of Cups is an admonition that you are allowing your heart to administer over your head and your feelings might overpower you. Assuming that this reverberates, ground yourself, express your sentiments secretly or with a confided-in advisor, and afterward work through why they’ve risen along these lines. Be mindful so as not to allow your feelings to surpass your life so that you are concerned you are letting completely go of and point of view. Reserve some peaceful margin for yourself and contemplate or write in your diary. Track down a serene space to focus and quiet your spirit. Listen cautiously to your instinct and your internal voice.


On the flip side, the Queen of Cups turned around proposes that you might be withdrawn from your feelings or compelled to confine or hold them down somewhere inside. You might battle to put yourself out there, rather than restraining your sentiments. On the off chance that you don’t resolve these intense subject matters, they will arrive at a limit. Your feelings of anxiety might increment, and your capacity to adapt to regular issues could endure.


The turned-around Queen of Cups welcomes you to investigate your deepest sentiments and feelings to figure out what is most important to you. Invest some energy alone with simply your Tarot cards, your diary, and your pen. Associate with your sentiments. How are you feeling? How are you truly feeling? It doesn’t make any difference whether you’re encountering positive or pessimistic feelings. You are being called to pay attention to your actual sentiments and honor them all the while.