The Moon Tarot Card Meanings

The Moon Keywords

UPRIGHT: Illusion, fear, anxiety, subconscious, intuition

REVERSED: Release of fear, repressed emotion, inner confusion


The Moon card shows a full moon in the night’s sky, arranged between two gigantic zeniths. The Moon is a picture of intuition, dreams, and negligence. Its light faintly diverges from the sun and just insignificantly edifies the way to higher insight turning between the two apexes.


In the front-facing region is a little pool, tending to the watery, subconscious mind. A little crayfish crawls out of the pool, addressing the starting periods of mindfulness spreading out. A canine and a wolf remain in the rich field, moaning at the moon, tending to both the limited and the wild pieces of our minds.



The Moon Upright

The Moon addresses your feelings of dread and deceptions and frequently comes out when you are extending dread into your present and your future, in view of your previous encounters. You might have an agonizing memory that caused close-to-home pain, and as opposed to managing the feelings you drove them down profound into your inner mind. Presently, these feelings are making a return, and you might end up under their effect on a cognizant or subliminal level. For instance, assuming that you had a fender bender when you were youthful but didn’t manage the feelings, you might get miserable or restless each time you get into the secondary lounge of a vehicle. To cure this, interface with your psyche brain and delivery any feelings of dread or nerves keeping you down. Entrancing, treatment, and shamanic mending can uphold this interaction.


The Moon can show a period of vulnerability and deception when nothing is what it appears. Watch out for going with quick choices when The Moon seems on the grounds that you may later acknowledge you just had around 50% of the data you wanted. You really want to pay attention to and trust your instinct so you can see past what is before you. Feel into circumstances instead of reasoning what they mean. Relinquish your cognizant inabilities to think straight or negative self-talk and permit your instinct to direct you. Your fantasies, instincts, and inward direction lead you forward toward more significant levels of understanding assuming you tune in and utilize your judgment to assist with interpreting the messages of the inner mind.


Whenever The Moon card shows up in your Tarot perusing, give close consideration to the lunar cycles and adjust to its heavenly power utilizing custom, representation, or Tarot readings. Associate with the heavenly ladylike and reveal profound instinctive experiences and dreams of what lies past regular day to day existence. On the New Moon, set your expectations and sow the seeds of change so they can develop. Furthermore, on the Full Moon, honor your accomplishments and take a gander at what you want to deliver so new parts of yourself can sparkle.


The Moon Reversed


The Moon Reversed demonstrates that you have been managing deception, fears, and nervousness, and presently the adverse impacts of these energies are dying down. You are managing your feelings of trepidation and tensions, understanding the effect they have on your life and how you can liberate yourself from such restricting convictions. This is a genuinely freeing and groundbreaking experience.


You might attempt to cover these sentiments significantly more profound inside your inner mind so you can keep away from your dull shadows. You may not be prepared to confront your feelings, pushing them aside and imagining as though everything seems OK. This system could work temporarily, however in the long run, you should restore these feelings and manage them head-on.


The Moon Reversed can likewise show that you are getting natural messages and mystic downloads however are attempting to comprehend what they mean to you. The message might be confounding, or your translation varies from what you read somewhere else. At the point when The Moon is switched, you are being called to pay attention to your inward voice, and not the voice of another person. Believe that the responses you want are now inside you, and check out your inward direction framework to hear those responses. Focus on your fantasies and keep a fantasy journal since this is the number of your subliminal prompts that will be handed off to you. Assuming you’re actually stuck, record the messages you get and returned to them some other time when you have greater lucidity.

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