Two Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Two Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Unified love, partnership, mutual attraction

REVERSED: Self-love, break-ups, disharmony, distrust.

Two Of Cups Description


The Two of Cups shows a young fellow and lady, trading cups and promising their adoration for each other. Above them drifts the Caduceus of Hermes – a winged staff with two snakes folded over it – the antiquated image of the business, exchange, and trade. At the highest point of the caduceus is a lion’s head, meaning enthusiasm and fire energy and recommending that there might be a ton of red hot, sexual energy between these two individuals.


Two Of Cups Upright


In the event that the Ace of Cups addresses the progression of adoration from the inside, the Two of Cups is the progression of affection between two individuals. With this card, you are making profound associations and organizations, in view of shared values, sympathy, and genuine love. While these connections are still in the beginning phases, they can possibly develop and form into something profoundly satisfying and remunerating in the long haul. You have common regard and appreciation for each other, and together you arrive at higher planes of cognizance and understanding.


At the point when the Two of Cups card shows up in a Tarot perusing, you might enter another organization, maybe with a darling, companion, or colleague. You are both centered around making a relationship that is advantageous together, one that will make a mutually beneficial arrangement for the two players. You totally agree and value what each other can offer that would be useful.


In a heartfelt connection, the Two of Cups shows a blooming new association in light of shared fascination. There is both a physical and soul association that leaves you jubilant and feeble at the knees. You draw out the best in one another and lift each other to considerably more significant levels of potential. The trading of feelings is genuine, and you are both ready to take the necessary steps to help each other. At times, the Two of Cups can allude to a marriage, proposition, or commitment.


In a business organization, the Two of Cups is a sign you are both on a similar frequency and offer a comparable vision for the endeavor you are making together. You might not have similar abilities as one another, yet you make a wonderful collaboration when you cooperate. For instance, one of you might be capable of deals and showcasing while the other succeeds at dealing with the business’ activities. An organization like this – based on trust, concordance, and common regard – is probably going to succeed insofar as you keep on speaking with each other and center around your common arrangement. (However, it never damages to have an agreement or understanding set up to guarantee this marvelous business association proceeds along these lines.)


Two Of Cups Reversed


At its pith, the turned around Two of Cups is about confidence. Love, in any structure, begins with affection for yourself. Whenever you love yourself genuinely, you acknowledge and value what your identity is, and you regard and honor the most bona fide adaptation of yourself. You invite an existence of satisfaction since you in a general sense accept you merit it (and you’re correct!). Whenever you come from this spot of self-esteem, self-acknowledgment, and self-confidence, you will have really satisfying, cherishing associations with others. Everything begins with self-esteem.


Listen to this: in the event that you don’t adore yourself, you’ll wind up extending that need onto others, becoming tenacious and appended, drawing in some unacceptable sorts of connections to you, or more awful, winding up in destructive circumstances. Here is the shadow side of the Two of Cups turned around. Thus, before you search out your Prince Charming or seal the deal with your lifetime love, ensure you’ve filled your cup with all that excellent love juice for yourself first. To track down satisfaction in your life and connections, track down the adoration inside you and give it to yourself. No other individual, material belonging, or achievement can do it for you.


The Two of Cups turned around can some of the time signal separation or a spat. You are out of sync with one another and don’t have a similar profound association you did previously. You might see an absence of trust and opening up to each other is demonstrating troublesome. Correspondence might be limited or kept, and the energy stream between you smothered. To turn what is going on near, open up, offer, and hold a place of refuge for each other to communicate your sentiments. Indeed, even with one discussion, you can move the energy stream decisively.