The Hermit Tarot Card Meanings

The Hermit Keywords

UPRIGHT: Soul-searching, introspection, being alone, inner guidance

REVERSED: Isolation, loneliness, withdrawal


The Hermit remains solitary on the highest point of a mountain. The snow-covered range represents his otherworldly dominance, development, and achievement. He has picked this way of self-revelation and, therefore, has arrived at an elevated condition of mindfulness.

In his right hand, he holds alight with a six-pointed star inside; it is the Seal of Solomon, an image of shrewdness. As The Hermit strolls his way, the light lights his direction – however, it just enlightens his following couple of steps as opposed to the full excursion. He should venture forward to see where to go straightaway, realizing that not all things will be uncovered on the double. In his left hand, the side of the psyche mind, The Hermit holds a long staff (an indication of his power and authority), which he uses to guide and adjust him.

The Hermit Upright

The Hermit shows that you are having some time off from day to day existence to draw your energy and consideration internal and observe the responses you look for, profound inside your spirit. You understand that your most significant feeling of truth and information is inside yourself and not in that frame of mind of the rest of the world. You leave behind every day to set off on an excursion of self-revelation, driven simply by your inward insight and directing light. This present time is the ideal opportunity to go on an end-of-the-week retreat or hallowed journey, anything in which you can examine your inspirations, individual qualities, and standards, and draw nearer to your legitimate self.

The Hermit welcomes you to withdraw into your private world and experience a profound feeling of confinement and thoughtfulness. You realize that you really want to take this excursion alone or with a little, cozy gathering of in a genuine way disapproved individuals. Whenever you permit yourself to check out your internal, directing light, you will hear the responses you want and develop astute past your years. Track down your light, sparkle it on your spirit and make your novel way. You will see what lies in front of you – not miles upon miles, but rather enough to know where to venture straightaway. From that point, approach slowly and carefully.

The Hermit frequently seems when you are at a critical point in your life and thinking about another heading. Through reflection, thought, and self-assessment, you might start to rethink your own objectives and shift your general direction. You will take a gander at your existence with a more profound, more otherworldly comprehension and a couple of your needs will change accordingly.

The Hermit additionally addresses the craving to get some distance from a consumerist or materialistic culture to zero in on your inward world. Have you at any point seen (or read) Into the Wild? Subsequent to moving on from college, top understudy and competitor Christopher McCandless leaves his assets, gives his whole $24,000 bank account to a good cause, and bums a ride to Alaska to live in the wild alone. While his story has a disastrous completion, his excursion into the wild was like that of The Hermit, who looks for replies inside and realizes they will come uniquely with calm and isolation.

At last, The Hermit might show up in your life as an otherworldly guide here to raise your vibration and improve your cognizance. The magnificence of this coach is that, while he might be a specialist by his own doing, he will show you how to track down your responses inside you.

The Hermit Reversed

The Hermit Reversed can go one of two different ways: you are not getting some margin for individual reflection, or you are taking excessively. Assuming that you battle to associate with your profound self, The Hermit Reversed urges you to make more space to contemplate and reflect. The time has come to go further into your inward being and rediscover your more noteworthy reason on this planet. You might have been so bustling managing the everyday issues that you have neglected to pay attention to your inward voice. The Hermit requests that you search profound inside your spirit to assist you with finding your direction once more and spotlight on remaking yourself on an otherworldly level.

Assuming you have proactively been investing a ton of energy thinking about your internal identity, then The Hermit Reversed may recommend that you might be taking this detachment thing excessively far. Might it be said that you are turning into an exacting loner and removing yourself from others? Try not to misjudge the benefit of remaining associated with others, even while you are going through your profound excursion. Be careful, as well, of others’ requirements. You would rather not become so assimilated in yourself and your own quandaries that you shut out your loved ones.

In a relationship perusing, The Hermit Reversed can show unwanted disconnection. For instance, one individual might need to be distant from everyone else or pull out of the relationship, while different needs to extend the association. You should regard each other’s solicitation for space yet in addition be there to help as fitting. On the other hand, being all alone is so overwhelming and unappealing as of now that you make every effort to remain together. Notwithstanding the relationship’s difficulties, neither one of you needs to be separated from one other. It is too early to be separated you still both need to figure out things together. In the event that you have isolated, The Hermit Reversed may show that you are prepared to investigate a reconnection.

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