The High Priestess Tarot Card Meanings

The High Priestess Keywords

UPRIGHT: Intuition, sacred knowledge, divine feminine, the subconscious mind

REVERSED: Secrets, disconnected from intuition, withdrawal, and silence


The High Priestess sits before a slight cover improved with pomegranates. The cover addresses the different cognizant and subliminal domains, the seen and the concealed, and keeps easygoing spectators out. Just the started may enter. The pomegranates on the cloak are an image of overflow, fruitfulness, and the heavenly ladylike, and are sacrosanct to Persephone who ate a pomegranate seed in the hidden world and had to return consistently.


On one or the other side of The High Priestess stand two support points, denoting the entry to this hallowed, otherworldly sanctuary (additionally connected with the Temple of Solomon). One point of support is dark with the letter B (Boaz, signifying ‘in his solidarity’) and the other is white with the letter J (Jachin, signifying ‘he will lay out’). The highly contrasting shades of the support points represent duality – manly and ladylike, murkiness and light – expressing that information and acknowledgment of duality are expected to enter this consecrated space.


The High Priestess wears a blue robe with a cross on her chest and a horned diadem (or crown), both an image of her heavenly information and her status as a heavenly ruler. In her lap, she holds a look with the letter TORA, meaning the Greater Law (as indicated by A. E. Waite). It is somewhat covered, implying that this sacrosanct information is both express and certain, it may be uncovered when the understudy is prepared to look past the material domain. The bow moon at her feet represents her association with the heavenly female, her instinct and subliminal psyche, and the regular patterns of the moon.


The High Priestess Upright

While The Magician is the watchman of the cognizant brain and the unmistakable world, The High Priestess is the gatekeeper of the psyche mind and the educator of hallowed information and secret secrets. Sitting at the limit of the cognizant and subliminal psyche, The High Priestess has an inborn capacity to easily go between these domains. She instructs you that the world isn’t consistently as it appears and more significant impacts are frequently influencing everything. She ushers you through the slender cover of mindfulness, offering you profound, natural comprehension of the Universe and increased consciousness of mystery or secret data.


The High Priestess connotes profound edification, inward brightening, divine information, and shrewdness. She appears in your Tarot readings when the cover between you and the hidden world is slight, and you have the valuable chance to get to the information profound inside your spirit. This is the ideal opportunity to be still so you can check out your instinct. The responses you are looking for will come from the inside, from your most profound truth and ‘knowing’. Permit The High Priestess to turn into your aide as you adventure profoundly into your psyche brain and access this internal insight. Interface with your instinct and your Higher Self through contemplation, representation, shamanic venturing, and being essential for otherworldly networks.


Your natural sense right presently is furnishing you with helpful data and is helping you to turn out to be more in contact with your psyche mind. Information on the most proficient method to fix these issues won’t come through thinking and excusing, however by taking advantage of and confiding in your instinct, so permit yourself the reality to ponder and take care of your internal voice. Search for regions in your day-to-day existence that might be out of equilibrium or lacking ‘stream’ and straightforwardness.


This present time is likewise an opportunity for elevated instinctive capacity and clairvoyant understanding. Assuming you are fostering these abilities, The High Priestess offers your further support to proceed with your excursion and trust that you are on the correct way. The more you stand by listening to your instinct, the more it will stream.


At last, The High Priestess is a sign that you are being called to embrace the Divine Feminine – your association with your instinct, sympathy, compassion, and inward insight. No matter what your orientation, you must adjust and incorporate your manly and ladylike energies, and the presence of The High Priestess flags that your sacrosanct female necessities your consideration at present. Feel, instead of think. Work together, as opposed to contend. Make, instead of obliterating. Trust your Divine Feminine energy, regardless of whether the manly energy around you might have all the earmarks of being more grounded. Be pleased with your capacity to support, trust, sense, and sympathize with concealing it away.


The High Priestess Reversed

The High Priestess Reversed approaches you to be still and direct your consideration internally to pay attention to your voice and intelligence. You might be influenced by others’ viewpoints or cleared up in their theatrics when what you truly need to do is center around what you want. The time has come to get tranquil and pull out yourself from the outside world to see what your internal direction is offering to you now.


Ask yourself: Do I battle to completely trust my instinct? Maybe you question yourself or feel senseless or remorseful for paying attention to your instinct, and thus, you deny your capacity to tune in and get this intense data. You may likewise keep your natural capacities stowed away from others, unfortunate of their decisions or conclusions. Assuming this reverberates, realize that your instinct is your superpower, here to direct you and help you. Have confidence in the Universe and permit yourself to be in the stream with its energies. Give up and give up.


Consider The High Priestess the quiet place within you that is immaculate by your outside world and trust that she is dependably there when you want her. Whenever you stress that things are simply getting excessively insane, track down a peaceful space and contemplate so you can hear her voice. Assuming that you quit thinking or worrying about your issue and on second thought make room for your instinct to address you, the response will follow.


At long last, the cryptic idea of The High Priestess might propose tattle and secret plans. Others might be keeping data from you or discussing you despite your good faith and sharing mistruths. As opposed to making suppositions or jumping into the profundities of neurosis, have a transparent discussion to surface and address these mysteries.

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