Nine Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Nine Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Contentment, satisfaction, gratitude, wish come true.

REVERSED: Inner happiness, materialism, dissatisfaction, indulgence.

Nine Of Cups Description


In the Nine of Cups, a man sits on a wooden seat. He is agreeable, however not excessively agreeable (you would have zero desire to sit on that wooden seat day in and day out!). His arms are crossed, and he has a grin all over, communicating happiness and fulfillment. Behind him is a bent design hung in blue material, with nine brilliant cups organized in a curve. The cups address close-to-home satisfaction after you complete your most profound longings.


Nine Of Cups Upright


You know those minutes when you look around and feel your heart spilling over with affection and appreciation for all that you have made in your life? That is what’s going on with the Nine of Cups: profound satisfaction, joy, and happiness. Whenever this card shows up in a Tarot perusing, you are content in all parts of your life – connections, work, way of life, prosperity and that’s just the beginning. You are luxuriating in the overflow of life and encountering your feelings with such power and joy.


For this reason, the Nine of Cups is many times called the wish card. It comes as a sign that the planets adjusted and you have all that you wanted. You were unable to be more joyful! Assuming you made your desire and are calmly sitting tight for it to work out as expected, then, at that point, this card is an amazing sign that it will before long be conceded.


The Nine of Cups is an encouragement to go a little overboard, enjoy and partake in life’s joys. This incorporates getting a charge out of good food and wine, appreciating human expression, having intercourse, unwinding in a rich hotel, or encountering excellence. Live at the time and allow yourself to enjoy briefly with next to no coercion about the conceivable unfortunate results of such delight.


At the point when you see the Nine of Cups in a perusing, make sure to remember you’re good fortune and offer thanks for what you have. Begin or end consistently by making a psychological rundown of the three things for which you are generally appreciative. After some time, you will strengthen your feeling of happiness and your capacity to draw in what you wish for – it is the Law of Attraction. In the event that you are battling to observe the positive side of life, offering thanks will assist you with seeing that you have a ton to be happy about.


One thing to remember with the Nine of Cups is that he is perched on a wooden seat that is agreeable for just a restricted period. Understand that happiness and satisfaction, as well, are short-lived as everything is generally in a condition of progress. That is the reason it is so vital to see the value in what you have now and appreciate it since it might vanish later or you might have to change and adjust.


Nine Of Cups Reversed



In any event, when apparently you have all that you at any point longed for, it can in any case feel like something is missing where it counts. Have you sought after material addition to the detriment of your otherworldly development or profound satisfaction? For instance, you could possess the most costly home or vehicle on the square, yet you never see your loved ones and are really hopeless. This is the quintessence of the switched Nine of Cups, and when it arises in a Tarot perusing, it requests that you rethink what you’re wanting and adjust it to your Highest Good. You might have moved away from what means a lot to you, rather than inclining toward the self-image and pursuing what will dazzle others.


The switched Nine of Cups is an indication that as opposed to looking external yourself for your joy, you ought to look inside. Achievement and joy mean various things to various individuals. In this way, rather than doing your thought process will satisfy others, do what will fulfill you. Ask yourself, ‘What does achievement resemble me? Furthermore, how might I know when I am effective?’ If your external world isn’t bringing satisfaction, change your meaning of achievement.


Now and again, the switched Nine of Cups proposes that you are baffled that your desires have not yet worked out. Your assumptions might be ridiculous, or you may not be effectively chasing after your fantasies, trusting that they will appear with little information or activity from you. You might have picked objectives that are not fulfilling to you, and assuming this is the case, it’s ideal to allow them to drop off the radar. This is the ideal opportunity to reconnect with your objectives and dreams and commit once again to carrying them to completion. You might have to change your objectives to keep them in full arrangement with your own qualities. Also, you might be more proactive in making an activity intend to see your objectives work out as expected.


The Nine of Cups switched fills in as an update not to indulge to the detriment of your wellbeing and prosperity. You might be inclined to get carried away on food, liquor, sedates, celebrating, or spending. Keep everything with some restraint and spotlight on the drawn-out results of your activities, regardless of whether they give transient joy.