King Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

King Of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT: Natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur, honor

REVERSED: Impulsiveness, haste, ruthless, high expectations

King Of Wands Description

The King of Wands sits in his privileged position, grasping a blooming wand, an image of life and imagination. His high position and cape are enhanced with lions and lizards, the two images of fire and strength. The lizards gnawing their own tails address endlessness and the continuous drive to push ahead against all obstructions.

King Of Wands Upright

The King of Wands addresses unadulterated fire energy in its manly structure. Dissimilar to different Wands court cards, the King isn’t so keen on creation and imagination, or in thinking up thoughts and carrying out them himself. All things being equal, he is more disposed to take a thought and afterward enroll others to assist him with actualizing it. Hence, when the King of Wands shows up in a Tarot perusing, it is a sign you are venturing into the job of a visionary chief, prepared to coordinate your kin towards a shared objective. You have a reasonable vision of where you need to go, and presently you are showing that vision is fully supported by people around you. Others normally float towards you since you are alluring, not entirely set in stone, and they have faith in you and your vision. They need to be a piece of what you are showing and are here to help you 100% of the way. You are additionally astonishing at getting others to take care of your responsibilities for you while keeping them on-side all through the interaction.

The King of Wands reminds you to have your existence with expectation, vision, and a drawn-out view. You have a fabulous thought of what is genuinely conceivable, and you will persevere relentlessly to own it. Dissimilar to the Knight who can be somewhat hasty with his activities, you have the development to see your vision through right to the end and then some. You accomplish a ton since you are clear about your future heading and how you will arrive – and don’t squander your life on exercises or connections you accept will turn into a dead end. You never take the path of least resistance; all things considered, you like to leave on an immediate and powerful strategy. Furthermore, you are motivated by long haul, manageable achievement, and the need to have an enduring effect. You are here to leave an inheritance.

The presence of the King of Wands likewise recommends that an open door is introducing itself to you, and you currently have the ability to take on the test. You are the deciding component in this present circumstance. In the event that you believe that it should find success, it will. Also, similarly, on the off chance that you don’t completely focus on it, this seed will battle to bloom and develop. You can make any result you wish, so be careful about your expectations and vision. You hold the power.

King Of Wands Reversed

The King of Wands switched proposes that while you are in an administrative role, you are not prepared to venture into that job. You might be the imaginative or visionary individual in your work, yet you have not yet fostered a feeling of solace by driving others towards your vision. You might have to deal with your initiative abilities or enroll the help of somebody who has a characteristic ability at directing others toward a shared objective. On the other hand, you might oversee others, yet are not driving others; you are allotting assignments and observing execution, yet you are not imparting the vision and connecting with your group to assume a sense of ownership with rejuvenating the idea. You might think you are the main individual who can make this vision a reality, in any event, when your group is here to help you.

Now and again, the turned-around King of Wands can be forceful and, surprisingly, pompous in chasing his objectives. Be careful that as you endeavor towards your fantasy, you are not putting others off-side, dis-engaging them, or underestimating their commitments. You want their help 100% of the way. Likewise, don’t allow accomplishment to get to your head, believing you’re above every other person since you are the pioneer. Think about embracing the idea of ‘followership’ – the capacity to take the course, be important to a group and follow through on what is generally anticipated of you, even as the authority head of the gathering.

On an individual level, the King of Wands switched caution against setting unreasonable assumptions for you and others. While you are exceptionally aggressive, you might be getting yourself in a position for disappointment in the event that you put forth objectives that are essentially too far and, push hard to arrive at those unreachable objectives. You may likewise be inclined to get cleared up in the publicity of others’ objectives to ’10x your deals!’ or ‘make the following billion-dollar business!’ You don’t need to get involved with others’ fantasies and dreams (and promotion). Remain consistent with what’s vital to you and stay fixed on your own vision and bearing.