Six Of Wands Tarot Card Meanings

Six Of Wands Keywords

UPRIGHT: Success, public recognition, progress, self-confidence

REVERSED: Private achievement, personal definition of success, fall from grace, egotism

Six Of Wands Description

The Six of Wands portrays a man wearing a triumph wreath around his head and riding a beautified white pony through a horde of cheering individuals. His pony addresses strength, immaculateness, and the fruitful movement of an experience, and the gathering marks the public acknowledgment of the man’s accomplishments. The rider holds an upstanding wand with a wreath attached to the top, further underlining achievement and accomplishment. He isn’t reluctant to flaunt to others what he has achieved in his life up to this point and, far better, the encompassing group is happy to cheer him along.

Six Of Wands Upright

The Six of Wands seems when you have arrived at a significant achievement or accomplished a critical objective, and you are sure, confident, and fruitful. You saddled your assets and gifts to achieve a blissful result in your undertakings and endured the mayhem of the Five of Wands, limiting your interruptions and zeroing in on the job needing to be done. Indeed, there were difficulties en route, however, you conquered them by focusing your energies on the one objective.

The Six of Wands recommends that besides the fact that you accomplished to have your objectives, however, you are additionally getting public affirmation for your endeavors. You might have as of late gotten an honor, approval, or acknowledgment from your companions for your work. It might try and be only a gesture of congratulations, yet this consideration is a major lift to your certainty and gives you the solidarity to proceed with your undertakings.

The Six of Wands likewise urges you to put yourself out there and be pleased with what you accomplished. Yell your victories from the housetop and set everything out there for others to see and root for you. Be available to get adoration and backing from your greatest team promoters, who are invigorated by seeing you succeed. This present time is your opportunity to sparkle!

The Six of Wands is a positive consolation to have confidence in what your identity is and your achievements up to this point. Have confidence in what you’ve done and how others will get it. Try not to let dread or culpability hold up traffic of your prosperity. You should be pleased! Hold your head as high as possible and know you genuinely deserve deference.

While the Six of Wands denotes a significant achievement, remember that you’re not exactly toward the end goal right now. You actually have a smart approach, and difficulties might sit on the way forward – yet cheer up realizing you have the help of everyone around you and they are here to back you 100 percent

Six Of Wands Reversed

The Six of Wands switched recommends that you have arrived at a huge individual achievement, however dissimilar to the upstanding form of this card, you like to hush up about it at the present time. You might be awkward getting public recognition for your work, or it could be such a confidential accomplishment that you do have no obvious explanation to impart it to other people. However, check-in with yourself: would you say you are trying not to share it since you need certainty or have an apprehensive outlook on being excessively ridiculous?

The switched Six of Wands urges you to make your own meaning of achievement. Assuming you have ended up looking for endorsement and approval or contrasting yourself with others, you might have stripped yourself of your own power and self-conviction. As opposed to depending on another person’s assessments of what is ‘effective’ and what isn’t, bring your energy and consideration inside and ask yourself, ‘What’s the significance here to me?’ Your response will appear to be unique from others’ translations in light of the fact that your qualities and needs are special to you. At the point when you are clear about how achievement affects you, you will settle on better choices that are more in arrangement with who you truly are, and increment your certainty and freedom – and that is something to be thankful for!

On occasion, the switched Six of Wands might propose that you had a go wrong and didn’t get the public acknowledgment you were looking for. You got no input for your endeavors or got analysis all things considered. You might have anticipated that things should function admirably, however, all things considered, you are being rebuffed or ignored. Presently, your certainty has endured a shot, as has your expert standing or possibly your impression of your status. In the event that a specific venture has not been basically as effective as you had trusted, you might be in an ideal situation moving to another climate so you can remake your own image as opposed to attempting to fix something previously broken.

The shadow side of the switched Six of Wands is that it can likewise bring self-righteousness, pomposity, and boastful ways of behaving. Furnished with success and a lift to your fearlessness, you might come to imagine that no one is superior to you. On the off chance that you take on this self-centered disposition, somebody is probably going to need to thump you down a stake, bringing dissatisfaction and potential notoriety later on. Reign in your self-image and make your triumph all the better.