Page Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Page Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Creative opportunities, intuitive messages, curiosity, possibility.

REVERSED: New ideas, doubting intuition, creative blocks, emotional immaturity.

Page Of Cups Description


The Page of Cups wears a blue tunic with a botanical print and a beret on his head with a long, streaming scarf. He remains on the shore, with the wavy ocean behind him, holding a cup in his right hand. Shockingly, a fish pops its head out of the cup and checks the youngster out. The fish and the ocean behind him address the component of water and everything to do with innovativeness, instinct, sentiments, and feelings. The surprising appearance of the fish implies that inventive motivation frequently emerges from the blue and just when you are available to it.


Page Of Cups Upright


The Page of Cups recommends a groundbreaking thought or opportunity that has come to you all of a sudden. Your innovative energy is streaming, and presently the inquiry is the manner by which you will communicate it. Will you eat up this groundbreaking thought and transform it into something, or will you let another person carry it to completion? It depends on you! Invest energy investigating the plan to check whether you need to push ahead.


The Page of Cups welcomes you to have an open and inquisitive brain. Be available to anything – including a fish popping its head out of a cup! It is with an inquisitive brain that you will find new parts of life and yourself. Open your brain to all prospects, particularly those of an inventive or instinctive nature, you will be agreeably shocked. Be prepared to dream the unthinkable dream, and investigate the enchantment of your fullest potential, regardless of whether it appears to be far off. The Page of Cups is requesting that you embrace your internal identity and accept that the sky is the limit.


As each Page requests that you investigate another feature of yourself, the Page of Cups is requesting that you investigate your inventive, close-to-home self. You might begin another craftsmanship class, read books about how to communicate your sentiments or dive more deeply into fostering your clairvoyant capacities. Marvelous goals race through your psyche, and you might end up moved by basic things. Go ahead and let your sentiments show and expose heart and soul to all onlookers.


This card frequently seems when you are being called to believe your instinct and be available to the huge number of natural messages coming in your direction. Search for synchronicities and signs from nature that will direct you on your way. They might come from surprising spots, or they may not sound good to your reasonable brain; be available to the chance and prepared to find new parts of yourself. It is like following ‘natural breadcrumbs’ – one instinctive sign leads you to the following thing, and the following, and the following. What’s more, all of a sudden, you have wound up in a position of the full arrangement, satisfaction and euphoria. All by confiding in your instinct and taking the path of least resistance.


From a user perspective, the Page of Cups can demonstrate that you will get a startling and unexpected treat. The Pages are much of the time known as the courier cards, and with the Page of Cups, you might get a message connected with the feelings, instinct, or imaginative undertakings. It very well may be the introduction of a child, a commitment or marriage, another old flame, or the proposal of another task. It’s anything but an unexpected you can expect or drive; be prepared to get when the second comes.


Page Of Cups Reversed


The turned-around Page of Cups proposes that you are staying discreet. You might stress that others will take your thought or let you know it’s bound to fall flat. All things considered, you are deciding to keep your arrangements hidden so you can foster them further without the impact on others. You might need to hold on until you’ve moved out of the calculated stage prior to offering it to other people.


With the Page of Cups turned around, you might feel called to seek after another imaginative venture, however, you question whether you can truly make it work. Your inward pundit might be on over-drive or others are letting you know that you’re dreaming – so you are slowing down and keeping down. Ask yourself, “What do I have to lose here?” So consider the possibility that the thought fizzles. Isn’t it better to take a stab at something and come up short than never get it done and wonder until the end of your life what could have occurred? Furthermore, consider the possibility that you didn’t fall flat. Consider the possibility that you were to succeed. Once more, pay attention to your instinct to comprehend on the off chance that dread is disrupting the general flow and whether now is the right time to simply try it out no matter what the result.


It is conceivable that you might encounter an innovative square when the switched Page of Cups springs up in a perusing. There is a part of yourself that needs to be communicated, however out of the blue, you are keeping it down. You might stress whether your innovativeness will lead you toward the path you need, or whether it has esteem in this world. Or on the other hand, you might feel ‘stuck’ when it comes time to articulate your thoughts imaginatively, and you don’t have the foggiest idea how to bring this side of yourself out into the outside climate. The thoughts are there, yet you are experiencing difficulty sorting out some way to realize them.


Assuming you are investigating your instinct, the switched Page of Cups can recommend that you are experiencing a ton of uncertainty. You are making a respectable attempt to pay attention to your instinct, yet when the messages come through, you are left contemplating whether it’s your inward direction or your inner self. Open yourself to your instinct and see where it takes you.


On occasion, the switched Page of Cups can show somebody who is sincerely youthful – maybe somebody sensational, who over-offers and takes their weakness excessively far. This might be somebody who is inclined to close-to-home fits when they don’t get everything they could possibly want. Or on the other hand, it very well might be somebody who is excessively marvelous about their future and who isn’t grounded truly. Some call it the ‘Peter Pan Syndrome’, in which a grown-up doesn’t have any desire to grow up and on second thought stays a kid until the end of their lives.