Three Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Three Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Celebration, friendship, creativity, collaborations.

REVERSED: Independence, alone time, hardcore partying, ‘three’s a crowd’.

Three Of Cups Description


In the Three of Cups, three young ladies are hitting the dance floor with one another all around, bringing their cups high up in the air in a toast of bliss and festivity. They focus on each other with appreciation, honor and regard, and are limited by their profound association and fellowship. There is a feeling of lifting each other up and praising every lady’s one-of-a-kind commitment to the gathering. The ground is layered with blossoms, leafy foods pumpkin, representing the festival of a plentiful gathering and the integrity throughout everyday life.


Three Of Cups Upright


The Three of Cups is a card of festivity, companionship, sisterhood, and innovative coordinated efforts. Your loved ones are here to help you and lift you up too much more significant levels of achievement. Celebrate with them and partake in their fellowship.


This card helps me to remember the magnificent association shared by the four female characters in Sex and the City — Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha, and Miranda. They stand by one another through various challenges, and they are dependably there for each other as they clear their path through connections, vocations, and different life ventures. Essentially every episode shows them appreciating each other’s conversation, frequently over a cosmopolitan at a chic Manhattan café. You get the inclination that these young ladies will be companions everlastingly and realize they can continuously depend on one another for help and sympathy.


At the point when the Three of Cups shows up in a Tarot perusing, you are urged to accumulate with your dearest companions and live it up together, talking, chuckling, sharing, and making. Together, you give and get the adoration, backing, and sympathy every one of you needs from each other. You might be enlivened to have a young ladies’ night out, an end of the week away, or begin a ladies’ circle so you can combine efforts with similar individuals. The energy is high, and you’re here to do astonishing things together.


The Three of Cups frequently demonstrates an entirely amiable period – maybe a birthday, a wedding, the Christmas season, or an excursion with companions. Consider it to be your chance to relax and disregard your everyday responsibilities and commitments for some time. All things considered, invest quality energy with loved ones and have a ball!


This card likewise welcomes you to work together with others on an inventive undertaking and move each other to arrive at new levels. On the whole, you are making progress toward a shared objective to ultimately benefit others, and by contacting others and banding together, you can accomplish an extraordinary arrangement by offering your positive energy and enthusiasm to the more extensive local area. The Three of Cups is an extremely innovative card, proposing that you might seek after an inventive outlet inside a gathering climate, for example, a workmanship class or a dance class. This is an extraordinary method for interfacing with others and getting to your innovative capacities.



Three Of Cups Reversed


While the upstanding Three of Cups is a card of companionship and get-togethers, the inversion of this card recommends that you would like to go solo at the present time. You might have as of late invested a great deal of energy with others and presently simply need some alone time. Or then again maybe you are done ‘clicking’ with a portion of your companions or a gathering and are prepared to continue on. Or on the other hand now and again, you could regard yourself as on the ‘external’, prohibited from others’ circles and feeling secluded and alone. Honor your longing to get out of the social scene for some time and partake in this time without help from anyone else so you can get clear on who you most need to associate with from now on.


Assuming that you are engaged with an inventive venture, this present time might be the opportunity to work freely instead of in a gathering. The turned around Three of Cups can show that your imagination is being smothered, or you are being compelled to adjust to the gathering. You might be important for a very close club that does things a specific way and isn’t available to development or elective methodologies. You want to consider whether you will forfeit your imaginative capacities for the gathering’s longings.


Assuming that you are encountering elevated degrees of stress or you’ve been really buckling down, the switched Three of Cups shows up as a message to get some much-needed rest to recover and acquire the help of companions prior to getting back to the real world. You might have been really buckling down that you’ve lost your association with your loved ones. This is the ideal opportunity to reconnect and reprioritize their adoration and backing. Consider this card to be a suggestion to reconnect with individuals you care about, set free, and live it up, without agonizing a lot over the results.


Then again, the Three of Cups switched may mean overindulgence. You might be out most evenings celebrating, taking medications, or drinking vigorously when what you really want is balance in your life. Be careful about the more extended-term outcomes of your activities and find out if this way of life is practical. Enjoy some time off from the social scene to refocus and get some truly necessary rest.


With regards to relationship readings, the switched Three of Cups can in some cases seem when a third individual is involved. You might be engaged with somebody who is now involved with another person, regardless of whether you know it. Seek different cards for more detail. The Seven of Swords flags treachery of trust and conceivable cheating. Assuming you see the Five of Swords, you probably definitely have some familiarity with the other relationship, yet you are attempting to disregard that it exists. On the off chance that you see the Devil, consider the idea of the relationship as it is probably going to be libertine and unfortunate to those included. It is improbable that this present circumstance is reasonable as ‘three’s a group,’ and something needs to give.