Ace Of Cups Tarot Card Meanings

Ace Of Cups Keywords

UPRIGHT: Love, new relationships, compassion, creativity.

REVERSED: Self-love, intuition, repressed emotions.

Ace Of Cups Description


The Ace of Cups shows a goblet spilling over with five surges of water. The cup addresses the vessel of your psyche mind; the five streams are your five faculties and the bountiful inclination and instinct moving from inside you. The hand holding the cup is sliding out of the mists, an image of your familiarity with otherworldly energy and impact. Underneath the hand is a huge ocean covered with lotus blooms, meaning the enlivening of the human soul. A pigeon plunges towards the cup – an image of Divine love coursing through the psyche brain to cognizant mindfulness.


Ace Of Cups Upright


With the Ace of Cups, Divine love and empathy are pouring through you. You are a vessel for profound, otherworldly love from the Universe, and you can’t resist the urge to allow that adoration to move through you and into the world. You get love, you give love, you ARE love. Your heart floods.


This moment is the ideal opportunity for you to open your heart and experience the rich progression of feeling accessible to you at the present time. You are more responsive to inventive open doors, cherishing associations, and profound sympathy for other living creatures. Likewise, with all Aces in the Tarot, this card comes as a greeting. Will you take it? Will you say “OK!” to Divine adore and sympathy, and will you go for it? The Ace of Cups conveys the potential for otherworldly and close-to-home satisfaction – yet provided that you embrace it with an open heart.


This card frequently shows up in Tarot readings when you are available for inventive articulation, particularly when you can permit your feelings to radiate through your undertakings. You might be enlivened to begin another task, take a craftsmanship class or even participate in interpretative dance. Now in your life, you are alright with what your identity is and cheerfully express this piece of yourself to other people. You see new potential in permitting your innovative energies to stream. Let your creative mind and ability spread out to additional opportunities.


The Ace of Cups frequently addresses another relationship, be it companionship, another family association, or blooming sentiment. It is invigorating – fluttery even – and you are so happy to have met somebody with whom you can share an exceptional association. Allow yourself to open yourself to giving and getting unlimited love, and you will see that friendship streams easily when you are in this caring perspective. The water in the card mirrors the progression of feeling, and hence, the Ace of Cups proposes that the excitement both of you create will get you started up about yourself and life.


There is a liberal, humane side to the Ace of Cups, as well. Consider this to be a period of giving (not taking) and dig into an amazing open door to help other people. You have the ability to share your internal brilliance and positive energy, giving incredible joy to everyone around you. Also, you will observe that the more you give, the more you get on different levels.


At long last, the Ace of Cups can imply origination, pregnancy, or birth. Shift focus over to different cards in the perusing for additional affirmation, like the Empress, Page of Cups, or Four of Wands. On a more figurative level, it might mean the introduction of a groundbreaking thought or a flash of motivation – something to which you can contribute a lot of cherishing and inventive energy.


Ace Of Cups Reversed


Indeed, this is the self-esteem card of the Tarot deck! In the upstanding position, the Ace of Cups is about affection for all things. In the turned-around position, it addresses love for oneself. Along these lines, before you send your adoration out to the world, send love to yourself, topping off each cell in your body with Divine love and bliss. Furthermore, the more you do this, the more you can exist in the stream with life itself.


The turned-around Ace of Cups is an indication that you are regarding your psyche mind and receptive to your instinct. You are investigating this piece of yourself secretly at the present time, and finding how you can bring more instinct and stream into your life.


On the flip side, the Ace of Cups turned around might be an indication that you are curbing your feelings, not having any desire to put yourself out there completely to the rest of the world. You have your purposes behind keeping your sentiments close and not maintaining that others should know what’s happening inside. You might feel humiliated or scared of what could occur if you somehow managed to communicate your feelings. You might stress that assuming you permit your sentiments to stream, they could transform into a mind-boggling flood that can’t be turned off. Notwithstanding, be cautious that you don’t make an inner blockage by subduing how you feel. In the event that you are not prepared to share your feelings – that is fine! You can track down ways of delivering them secretly, through journaling, innovative undertakings, development, or shouting your disappointment and outrage out in the vehicle.


In a relationship perusing, the turned around Ace of Cups can show that you are keeping your feelings because of a paranoid fear of getting injured. You realize that you should confide in your accomplice for the relationship to push ahead, yet, for the present, you are keeping down.