The Devil Tarot Card Meanings

The Devil Keywords

UPRIGHT: Shadow self, attachment, addiction, restriction, sexuality

REVERSED: Releasing limiting beliefs, exploring dark thoughts, detachment


The Devil card shows Baphomet, or the Horned Goat of Mendes, an animal that is half man, half goat. Baphomet initially addressed the harmony among great and underhanded, male and female, and human and creature; notwithstanding, more as of late, this figure has been connected to the mysterious and has turned into a substitute for everything considered ‘evil’.

The Devil has the wings of a vampire bat, a creature that drains the backbone out of its prey, representative of what happens when you yield to your crude longings. He has a mesmerizing gaze that ‘polarizes’ and passageways the people who approach him, bringing them under his power. Above him is a reversed pentagram – an indication of the hazier side of enchantment and mystery. He lifts his right hand in the Vulcan Salute – a Jewish gift, later made popular by the film series, Star Trek. In his left hand, he holds a lit light.

At the foot of The Devil stand a man and a lady, both stripped and fastened to the platform on which The Devil sits. They seem, by all accounts, to be held here despite their desire to the contrary – yet look nearer, and you will see that the chains around their necks are free and could be effectively taken out. Each has little horns on its head, similar to Satan’s, an indication that they are turning out to be progressively similar to him the more they stay here. Both have tails, a further image of their carnal inclinations and crude senses, and the grapes and the fire on their individual tails imply joy and desire.

The Devil Upright

The Devil card addresses your shadow (or hazier) side and the negative powers that oblige you and keep you away from being your best self. You might be at the impact of negative propensities, conditions, ways of behaving, thought examples, connections, and addictions. You have ended up caught between the transient delight you get and the more extended-term torment you experience. Similarly, as the Lovers card addresses duality and decision, so too does The Devil; notwithstanding, with The Devil, you are picking the way of moment delight, regardless of whether it is to the detriment of your drawn-out prosperity. In actuality, you have offered your spirit to Satan!

The Devil card frequently seems when you have been fooled into thinking you have zero commands over your shadow self or these negative powers, and that you can never break liberated from their hold. You accept you really want it and you should have it, regardless of whether it implies conflicting with what you know to be on the whole correct to get it. Where it counts, however, you know it’s to your disadvantage, and you are just doing yourself (and frequently others) an injury when you fold under to these lower needs and wants. To break liberated from these negative examples, you want to recognize the hold they have over you and the effect they are having on your life. For instance, the initial step of Alcoholics Anonymous is a confirmation: “We conceded we were feeble over liquor that our lives had become unmanageable.”

Whenever The Devil appears in a Tarot perusing, consider it to be a potential chance to bring these adverse impacts into your cognizant mindfulness, so you can then make a move to liberate yourself from their hold. Focus your light on the negative examples that have been holding you up for such a long time, and over the long haul, you will slacken the grasp they have on you. Considering that The Devil is a Major Arcana card, it is improbable that you will be liberated from your addictions and conditions for the time being. It very well might be a common example for you, and it will take a huge measure of determination and solidarity to liberate yourself from their impact. However, know this: it IS conceivable, and it depends on you to get it going.

On the positive side, The Devil can likewise show a strong connection between two individuals, like a mum and her infant, or another sentiment still in its ‘vacation stage’. Be cautious, however, in light of the fact that with The Devil card, this sound connection can transform into an undesirable, mutually dependent relationship assuming you lose association with your inward direction or don’t safeguard your own limits.

The Devil can likewise address sexuality and your wild side. You might be investigating servitude, obsessions, and your most unfathomable dreams. In the event that you can do this inside a protected, sacrosanct space, it tends to be a very improving encounter. Nonetheless, it can possibly transform into something that might be dangerous or negative to your prosperity in the long haul, so once more, put down clear stopping points, pick your accomplices carefully, and have your ‘protected words’ all set.

The Devil Reversed

The Devil Reversed can frequently seem when you are nearly a forward leap or an up-evening out. You are being called to your most noteworthy potential, on the whole, you should relinquish any undesirable connections or restricting convictions that might keep you down. Frequently, when you are called to something ‘else’, you should manage your shadows before you can venture into this new rendition of yourself. It could be a compulsion, unfortunate connections, or a withdrawing profession. Relinquish dread and delivery any purposeful restricting convictions disrupting the general flow of your development. It is simpler than you understand.

The Devil Reversed approaches you to stand up to your inward apprehensions and tensions to liberate yourself from the chains that tight spot you to your restricting convictions and unfortunate connections. Dispense with those things you know are unsafe to you and your internal mind. It very well might be tied in with making a better eating routine, observing less TV, stopping smoking, investing more energy with your friends and family, or zeroing in more on your objectives. Make a move to achieve positive change in your life by keeping fixed on a definitive objective of opportunity.

The Devil card can likewise show up in an inversion when you are going into your most unimaginable spots – whether you are prepared. At the point when you follow this way intentionally, you do as such with strength, certainty, and fortitude. You look to figure out your deepest shadows so you can either deliver them or coordinate them into your life in a more productive manner. Whenever you do it unknowingly, or with obstruction, it tends to be very defying as you might understand you are altogether different from who you thought you were. You might enter a time of tension or melancholy, or encounter dim contemplations you battle to comprehend. On the off chance that this resounds, if it’s not too much trouble, search out a prepared advisor to assist you with managing this time.

The Devil Reversed may likewise be a sign you are concealing your most unimaginable self from others, staying quiet about it. You might have contemplations, dreams, addictions, or propensities that you don’t believe others should know since you feel humiliated or embarrassed. Yet, here and there, clutching the mysteries can add to a developing degree of culpability, and you might feel a liberating sensation in the event that you can impart your more obscure self to something like one confided in person. There is additionally a need to acknowledge what your identity is and excuse yourself for the considerations you have. Obviously, assuming that you are in danger of hurting yourself or others, kindly look for proficient assistance right away.

At long last, The Devil Reversed welcomes you to rehearse the Buddhist rule of separation, a state where you conquer your connection to the craving for things, individuals, or ideas of the world, and free yourself from any limitations. It doesn’t mean you could do without individuals or things; you discharge your reliance on them. You may likewise find that a string slicing representation assists with delivering any unfortunate connections to other people, particularly when The Devil Reversed shows up in a Tarot perusing.

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