Justice Tarot Card Meanings

Justice Keywords

UPRIGHT: Justice, fairness, truth, cause and effect, law

REVERSED: Unfairness, lack of accountability, dishonesty


The figure of Justice sits before an approximately hung purple cloak, implying sympathy, and between two points of support, like those outlining The High Priestess and The Hierophant, which represent equilibrium, regulation, and construction.

She holds a blade in her right hand, showing the coherent, very much arranged outlook important to administer fair equity. The sword focuses upwards – communicating a firm and official choice – and the twofold edged edge connotes that our activities generally convey outcomes. The scales in her left (natural) hand, show instinct should adjust that rationale and are an image of her fairness. Equity wears a crown with a little square on it addressing all around arranged contemplations, and a red robe with a green mantle. A little white shoe jumps out from underneath her attire as a sign of the otherworldly outcomes of your activities.

Justice Upright

The Justice card addresses equity, reasonableness, truth, and the law. You are being censured for your activities and will be judged likewise. In the event that you have acted in arrangement with your Higher Self and to benefit others, you don’t have anything to stress over. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you haven’t, you will be called out and made to take ownership of your activities. Assuming this makes them tremble in fear, realize that the Justice card isn’t generally so highly contrasting as you might suspect. A degree of empathy and understanding go with Justice, and in spite of the fact that you might have accomplished something you lament, this card proposes that you will be dealt with decently and without inclination. Be prepared to get a sense of ownership with your activities and stand responsible for the resulting outcomes.

In the event that you look for equity, the Justice card is a positive sign that it will for sure be served. You might be important for a lawful case or anticipating the last judgment from the courts or an overseeing body or foundation. A decision will be passed down without further ado. When the choice is made, you should acknowledge it and continue on; there are no retrials or renewed opportunities with the upstanding Justice card.

The Justice card frequently seems when you want to settle on a significant decision with the potential for long-haul repercussions. Know about the effect your choices will have on your prosperity and the prosperity of others. Pick deliberately by interfacing with your inward direction framework (your instinct) and requesting the response that is most in arrangement with the most noteworthy great of all. Be prepared to remain by your choices as you will be considered to be answerable for your decisions. You really want to ask yourself, “Do I stand by my choices and acknowledge the results of my activities?” If you can’t, then dig further, diving into the shadows of what is good and bad, until you observe where you can remain in honesty and strength.

At its center, Justice is about the quest for truth. As you investigate your reality, you will find that things are not quite as obvious as you had naturally suspected. Be ready to plunge into the cloudy waters and investigate how truth affects you. Be deliberately mindful of what you accept to be valid and what you accept to be fair and moral. It may not be pretty much as obvious as you naturally suspect, so get ready to challenge yourself and investigate new domains of your conviction framework.

Justice Reversed

Equity Reversed can propose that inside, you realize you’ve accomplished something that isn’t ethically correct. Others may not see it yet, so you have a decision: you can conceal it and trust nobody finds out, or you can take ownership of your mix-ups and make an engaged move to determine what is going on. Whichever you pick, you should live with the outcomes in your soul, so go with what feels appropriate for you.

Also, Justice Reversed recommends that you are not ready to take full responsibility for your activities and may attempt to ‘avoid the disaster’ and fault others for your mix-ups. You are being untrustworthy with yourself as well as other people – and your reluctance to look past your own feelings of dread and inner self blinds you to the more extensive example. Survey what is happening again, this time proposing to find where you can acknowledge liability. When you recognize where you committed an error, give your best for making it right once more. In doing as such, you will liberate yourself from any culpability or disgrace and enable yourself to settle on better choices.

Whenever Justice is turned around, it can show your internal pundit is in full impact. You might be assessing everything you might do and bringing the pain on yourself when you slip up. In the event that this resounds, begin from a position of pardoning and self-acknowledgment. Offer yourself a touch of grace and sympathy, realizing we as whole commit errors. Thank your internal pundit for carrying this private judgment to your cognizant mindfulness, and believe you can now gather it up.

Assuming you are pursuing a significant choice that will affect others, know whether you are clutching any bias or inclination that could influence your choice unreasonably. You might have to source more data to settle on a fair choice or focus the light on your very own decisions.

Assuming that you are occupied with a lawful matter, you might fear an unreasonable result, or debate the last judgment, raising doubt about the legitimate interaction. There might be lawful confusion or something that hinders a fair outcome from being given.

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