The Magician Tarot Card Meanings

The Magician Keywords

UPRIGHT: Manifestation, resourcefulness, power, inspired action

REVERSED: Manipulation, poor planning, untapped talents


The Magician card is numbered One – the number of new beginnings and significant entryways – and connected with the planet of Mercury. He stays with one arm expanded upwards towards the Universe, and the other coordinated down toward the earth. His arranging tends to his relationship between the significant spaces and the material areas. The Magician uses this relationship to make and show his targets in the genuine space. He is the channel that changes over energy into the issue. The Magician’s robe is white, addressing flawlessness, and his cover is red, tending to normal experience and data.

On the table, before him are the four pictures of the Tarot suits – a cup, pentacle, cutting edge, and wand – each addressing one of the four parts – water, earth, air, and fire. It is furthermore a sign that he has all of the contraptions (and parts) he needs to show his objectives into being. Over his head is the boundlessness picture, and around his waist is a snake biting its tail – the two of which signal that he moves toward boundless potential. Moreover, in the nearer view is an assortment of foliage and blooms, addressing the sprouting and acknowledgment of his viewpoints and desires.

The Magician Upright

As an expert more manifest, The Magician presents to you the instruments, assets, and energy you want to make your fantasies materialize. Truly, all that you want right presently is readily available. You have the otherworldly (fire), physical (earth), mental (air), and profound (water) assets to show your longings. What’s more, when you consolidate them with the energy of the otherworldly and natural domains, you will end up being a significant force to be reckoned with! The key is to unite these devices synergistically so the effect of what you make is more noteworthy than the different parts. This is speculative chemistry at its ideal!

This present time is the ideal opportunity to push ahead on a thought that you as of late imagined. The seed of potential has grown, and you are being called to make a move and carry your goal to completion. The abilities, information, and capacities you have accumulated along your life way have driven you to where you are currently, and whether you know it, you are prepared to transform your thoughts into the real world.

In your journey to show your objectives, you should lay out an unmistakable vision of what you will make (and why) before you act. It isn’t sufficient to be roused by self-image (cash, status, or acclaim) – you want to have a spiritual association with your objectives and expectations. You are a strong, innovative being, and this is your chance to get your Higher Self arrangement with your everyday activities to make the future you need most.

At the point when you are clear about your ‘what’ and you’re ‘the reason’, The Magician approaches you to make an enlivened move. You will require centered consideration and serious focus to carry your objectives to completion. Zero in on the ONE thing that will move you towards your objective. Obligation to the assignment is fundamental, so drop any interruptions that might draw your concentration away from what you need to accomplish. Be deliberate in your wanting to ensure that you keep focused and complete your assignments.

The Magician Reversed

On one level, The Magician Reversed shows you are investigating what you wish to show, however you are not making a move yet. You are dubious assuming you have all that you want and perhaps uncertain about how to get it going. If you deal with what you mean to show, the Universe will work out the how. Remain receptive to your instinct and focus on valuable open doors as they emerge. These resemble little breadcrumbs that will take you nearer to your objective.

Assuming you are as of now following up on your objective, The Magician Reversed can be an indication that you are battling to see improvement or achievement. A few variables might be influencing everything. Maybe you have thought however don’t have any idea what move to initiate to show it. Maybe you are not satisfied with your ideal result so your endeavors are misled or unfocused. Perhaps you have moved away from your ‘why’, or it wasn’t adequately convincing, and presently you’re inadequate with regards to inspiration in finishing the objective. Or on the other hand, maybe your ultimate objective is askew with your Highest Good and the Universe is sending you a major “Stop! Return!” sign.

To say the least, The Magician Reversed connotes voracity, control, and cunning. You might be breathtaking at shows, yet if you are withdrawn from your Higher Self, you may just do it for your benefit and to the detriment of others. In some cases, you might fall into this trap unexpectedly. On the off chance that your objectives are not happening as expected or something feels ‘off’, tune into that and inquire as to whether you are working for a long-term benefit or exclusively for your advantage.

In a profession perusing, The Magician Reversed shows that you have numerous abilities, gifts, and capacities, yet your genuine potential isn’t being boosted. You might understand that you have a lot more to give. Or on the other hand, maybe you realize you are incredible at something, however, you have not permitted yourself the amazing chance to support and investigate this expertise. What is blocking you from utilizing these capacities? What necessities to change for you to arrive at your fullest potential?

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