Hi all, it’s been a long time….I’ve been creating quite a few vlog on my youtube channel, Lana=The Comedian Medium….You can find me there….I’m still blogging though, and I have many things to say….

I’ve learned a lot about who I am, and I think that the Universe, for bad or for good has forced (we)us to really look at ourselves. I know am surprised by some of these these. I did not realize how extroverted I really am. I always considered myself to be a blend, because I love nature and like being by myself often. I didn’t realize this, but hoe extroverted I am really surprised me. I also have have a great time to ponder my goals and ambitions. I hope everyone is doing the same.

I feel that the Universe has smacked in the face, and for good reason. There are several things I think we are learning through this and I just want to reflect upon them. I feel that many of us have collectively created this mess, to learn about our lessons. I sad not saying people need to get sick and die; au contraire. I actually have a friend who lost a sister to all of this mess, and I grieved for them. Bit I think the Universe as well as the planet Earth is trying to get our attention. These are some of my reflections and thoughts. Maybe you have some thought, too. Just comment and take or leave what you need.

  1. Slow Down!

This seems like a no brainer, but I think we have been on collision course with this one. Our lives are run , run, run……no time for enjoyment, no time for breathing, no time to JUST BE….Why? Why are we doing this to ourselves? I thought a lot about this…….our modern world has created life where we are constantly, slightly or totally overwhelmed. We can never just ‘catch up’, and if we do, we are often told we are lazy, and to ‘work harder.” Just exactly for what though? No wonder everyone is depressed and have anxiety attacks. Is it for a bigger house, more money, stays, or even just to keep from starving? I think it’s all of it. We have forgotten our ancestor’s lessons on just providing and living day-to-day, which brings me to my next thought; we don’t live just for today.

2. Appreciate Today

In our modern society we have gotten away from what our Victorian ancestors experienced; death, disease and uncertainty. In our modern culture, people just don’t rarely die from a myriad of diseases, the effects of modern medicine have eradicated most diseases such as TB, Typhoid, Cholera, Malaria, Small Pox, Scarlett Fever, Mumps, and many more. They knew that their time could be up at any point. Most children didn’t reach 18. They lived for today, not tomorrow, not yesterday, but tried to appreciate what they had and were thankful for it. Money wasn’t as important, survival was, and most were self-sufficient.

3. Money isn’t Everything

We are so in a hurry to make that all mighty dollar, we don’t even appreciate what do have due to time constraints. Our families, our friends, our homes that we have created, are so much more important than any dollar bill. We will survive this bump in the road, and realize that slowing down to enjoy these things are so much more important.

“One hundred years from now, it will not matter what was in my bank account, the sort of house I lived in, or the kind of car I drove. But the world may be different, because I was important to the life a child.”

Boy Scouts of America

4. Learn to Occupy Yourself with Simplicity

This might sound trivial, but it’s far from that. People just need instant gratification, and to be entertained, every single minute. No one knows how to just be content with being bored and how to solve it. I find this mostly in the younger generation, and the bulgiest offenders are ‘helicopter’ parents, who always have a child’s schedule packed full of activities, lessons, this, that and the other thing. So why not let your kids be bored? Let them find something to do and take away their Electronics for awhile? Kids will eventually learn patience and occupy themselves. I really feel this is social isolation is really going to change children for the better as they not only get to know themselves, but discover how to fix their boredom without soon else having to do it for them. There will also be a renewed respect for teachers in general. So let them be bored!

5. Appreciation for ALL people and Public Servants; Police, Teachers, Doctors, Mailcarriers, and Grocery Clerks

No one appreciated these people until there is a real crisis. These people are just as important as billionaires, Governors and Presidents. These people are putting their lives on the line to HELP others. Just remember them in your prayers. We ALL MATTER!!!!

6. We need physical Contact and we need Each Other

This social distancing is driving me crazy! As an very social hugging empath, touching is SOOOOOO important to me, like it is to most other people. It reminds me of the study of newborn babies who were institutionalized, given plenty of food, and warmth, but no physical contact. Many died. We NEED physical contacts from each other. That is one thing that I hope goes quickly back to normal. For me, I’m a hugger and a toucher. It’s not uncommon for me to gently put my hand on someone’s shoulder when I’m talking to them, or pat them on the back. I crave physical contact. I like to feel other people’s good energy ,and I know for a fact, that I help fix other people’s energy. It reminds when about getting a massage; ever go to one of those place that have mechanical rollers and gives you a massage? Then go to a massage therapist….don’t tell me me you like the mechanical one better. It’s because we as a species, are wired to connect to OTHERS.

7. Love is the New World Order to a Global Community

people are hurting right now; isolation sucks. In my isolated world, I am calling people I haven’t talked to in years to ask them if they are ok, if they need anything. I have given money to several friends who have small businesses because I know they need it. The world, the way it is now, with the greed, selfishness, lack of empathy, and complacency cannot go on anymore. We need to be reminded of our Humanity and need of each other, all across the globe, regardless of race, sex, nationality or religion. We now exist as a global community. We need to quit being so selfish as to think others; be it to help financially, psychically, emotionally or just self isolating ourselves out of respect for other people’s health.

8. The Earth is Our Home, we need it and we can fix Issues Together

In my isolation, I am lucky enough to get out into nature, breathe fresh air and take a long walk, or work on my farm, or groom my horses. Many of us cannot if we are on top of each other in crowded cities. People need to realize that we need the Earth, and the Earth need us. Take that walk, dig in the dirt, lay in the ground, hug that tree. We are part of the Earth, and will return too it someday.

With this virus going around, people haven’t been exuding carbon dioxide emissions. And you know what, the water cleared up and so did the air in just a few weeks. The Earth is crying out; I AM OUT OF BALANCE AND WILL CREATE THIS TO BALANCE IT!

Here’s something I thought I’d propose but I am doubt if it would happen.

How about having one week where EVERYONE in the world stays home for 1 week per year? Millions of pounds of emissions are gone…would it slow global warming? Just a thought. I feel we really need to be shown that by the Universe.

So there are many lessons to be learned here. Will we get the message? I think ma y of us already have…….