The Chariot Tarot Card Meanings

The Chariot Keywords

UPRIGHT: Control, willpower, success, action, determination

REVERSED: Self-discipline, opposition, lack of direction


The Chariot Tarot card shows a bold champion remaining inside a chariot. He wears protection designed with bow moons (addressing what is appearing), a tunic with a square (the strength of will), and other catalytic images (profound change). The tree and star crown signals triumph, achievement, and otherworldly advancement. Despite the fact that he gives off an impression of being driving the chariot, the charioteer holds no reins – simply a wand as magician The’s – representing that he controls through the strength of his will and brain.

The charioteer stands tall – there’s no plunking down for this person, as he’s tied in with making a move and pushing ahead. Over his head is a shade of six-pointed stars, proposing his association with the heavenly world and the Divine will. Before the vehicle sits a dark and a white sphinx, addressing duality, positive and negative, and, on occasion, restricting powers. Note how the sphinxes are pulling in inverse bearings, yet the charioteer utilizes his determination and sheer purpose to guide the chariot forward toward the path he needs.

Behind the chariot, streams is a wide waterway, emblematic of them should be ‘in the stream’ with the cadence of life while likewise charging ahead toward your objectives and goals.

The Chariot Upright

The Chariot is a card of resolve, assurance, and strength. You have found how to settle on choices in arrangement with your qualities with the Lovers card, and presently you are making a move on those choices. Whenever The Chariot shows up in a Tarot perusing, accept it as an indication of support. You have set your targets and are currently directing your inward power with a furious devotion to carrying them to completion. Whenever you apply discipline, responsibility, and resolve to accomplish your objectives, you will succeed.

This present time isn’t the opportunity to be detached with the expectation that everything will pan out in support of yourself. Make an engaged move and adhere to the course, regardless of anything difficulties might come in your direction – on the grounds that, accept me, there will be difficulties. You might be pulled in inverse headings and observe your solidarity and conviction tried. Others might attempt to obstruct you, divert you, or drag you down the quest for your objective. Yet, The Chariot is an encouragement to draw upon your self-control and home in on what’s vital for you, so you can push past the deterrents in your manner.

Assuming you are interested in whether you have the stuff to accomplish your point or complete a significant task, The Chariot is a sign you will find success inasmuch as you maintain your concentration and stay certain about your capacities. You really want to utilize your resolve and self-restraint to focus on the job that needs to be done. You can’t compromise or take the simple course, or you will fall flat. All things considered, consider this undertaking to be a trial of your solidarity and conviction, and perceive that triumph is reachable, however, it really depends on you to see everything through to completion.

The Chariot calls you to advocate for yourself and be bold. Be striking in communicating your cravings and setting out your limits; any other way, you won’t get everything you could possibly want. You want to have confidence in yourself and know in a general sense what your identity is and a big motivator for you (subsequently working off the individual conviction frameworks and values laid out through The Lovers card).

In an exceptionally strict sense, The Chariot can address travel, particularly driving or going on a street outing. You might even be thinking about selling your home and purchasing an RV so you can take off and wander the country!

The Chariot Reversed

Upstanding, The Chariot is approved to push forward with a vital venture and push past any deterrents that could block your ideal result. Switched, notwithstanding, The Chariot tells you to ‘back up the truck’ or, as we Aussies say, “Hurl a U-y” (AKA “do a U-turn”). You could waste your time, attempting to push a task forward when the truth is told, you should ease off or take a different path. Or on the other hand, you could have lost your inspiration and never again feel as focused on the result as you did when you began. Along these lines, on the off chance that something isn’t pushing ahead according to plan, reconsider what is going on and register to check whether it’s an indication that you really want to take an alternate route. Then ask yourself: Is there a more profound explanation things have become seriously testing? What illustration might I at any point learn here?

On occasion, The Chariot Reversed is an admonition that you are letting hindrances and difficulties disrupt the general flow, keeping you from accomplishing what you set off to do. It’s generally getting excessively hard, and you don’t have the will to go on. Assuming that resounds, stop briefly and contemplate the things that make the biggest difference to you and why you need to accomplish this objective. Will you permit others’ viewpoints to influence you or surrender when circumstances become truly difficult? Or on the other hand, will you completely finish your responsibility?

Prior to making a move, The Chariot Reversed might be a clue that you are zeroing in your energy and consideration on your interior cycles, like self-control, inward assurance, and individual responsibility. You might home in on the goals that line up with your Higher Self. Or then again, you can utilize perception and contemplation to ensure your energy lines up with your objectives. These inside-centered activities are fundamental so when the opportunity arrives to act, you will be prepared.

Assuming you are somebody who likes to have control over your fate and know where you are going, make a move to fix the reins and become more focused on the thing you are doing. While feeling a deficiency of force can be very dampening, the key is to take a gander at what you have some control over and what you can’t. Try not to permit yourself to stress over what is beyond your control as you can’t transform it now. All things considered, center your energies around what IS in your control. Inspect how you might advance the circumstance.

Additionally, The Chariot Reversed proposes that you might be attempting to deal with consistent detail in your life – however, in doing as such, you feel significantly crazier. Slacken your grasp and let things run their course. Be available to offers of help and afterward be thankful for what you get, regardless of whether it’s not impeccably lined up with your assumptions. You don’t necessarily in every case must be controlling everything!