Strength Tarot Card Meanings


Strength Keywords

UPRIGHT: Strength, courage, persuasion, influence, compassion

REVERSED: Inner strength, self-doubt, low energy, raw emotion


In the Strength Tarot card, a lady tenderly strokes a lion on its brow and jaw. Despite the fact that it is known for its savagery, the lady has restrained this wild monster with her quieting, cherishing energy. The lion is an image of crude interests and wants, and in restraining him, the lady demonstrates the way that creature sense and crude energy can be communicated in certain ways when internal strength and versatility are applied. She doesn’t utilize power or intimidation; she channels her inward solidarity to curb and quietly control the lion.


The lady wears a white robe, showing her immaculateness of soul, and a belt and crown of blossoms that address the fullest, most delightful articulation of nature. Over her head is the image of limitlessness, addressing her boundless potential and shrewdness.


Strength Upright

The Strength card addresses strength, assurance, and power – like The Chariot. Be that as it may, while The Chariot means external strength and will, the Strength card addresses the internal strength and the human soul’s capacity to defeat any snag. Strength is tied in with realizing you can get through life’s deterrents. You have incredible endurance and diligence, offset with basic persistence and inward quiet. You are focused on what you want to do, and you go about it such that shows your poise and development.


At the point when the Strength Tarot card shows up in a perusing, you are energized by your internal strength, individual power, solid will, and assurance. You don’t run by attempting to control others; you unobtrusively impact and convince. Others might misjudge your power since it is so ‘undetectable’ – however, you ought to consider that to be a benefit. You have some control over a circumstance without unreasonable, outward power. Nobody realizes it’s you making major decisions.


Your solidarity gives you the certainty to beat any developing feelings of dread, difficulties, or questions. At any rate, feel the dread and do it! In the event that you have been going through a harsh time and are worn out or focused, the Strength card urges you to track down the power inside yourself to continue on. You have the stuff to own this present circumstance to its inevitable end. You’re a dedicated companion and a strong ally, ready to move forward and be available when others are out of luck, and you could likewise feel a sense of urgency to hold space for somebody who needs your solidarity and backing.


The Strength card urges you to ‘tame’ your creature impulses, stomach responses, and crude feelings, and channel these underlying reactions productively. It’s typical for sentiments, for example, outrage, rage, misery, culpability, or disgrace to emerge in specific circumstances. Notwithstanding, how you manage these feelings has a significant effect. This moment is an opportunity when you should be aware of your instinctual encourages and carry them into offset with everyone’s benefit. This is no opportunity to carry on in fury or contempt. Move toward your circumstance from a position of absolution, love, and empathy. Working with a specialist may likewise assist you with formulating survival methods for what comes up.


Strength Reversed


Whenever Strength Reversed shows up in a Tarot perusing, check out your ongoing degrees of internal strength, certainty, and self-conviction. Is it true that you are spilling over with fearlessness, or would you say you are drained? What’s more, how might you bring these perspectives back into balance?


On the off chance that you have as of late encountered a difficulty, you might be defenseless and ailing in self-assurance. Realize that your center strength will constantly be with you and this moment is as great an opportunity as any to reconnect with this power. As a matter of fact, you might hold more strength and versatility than you give yourself credit for – along these lines, be thoughtful to yourself. You can likewise revive your confidence and confidence by gathering proof from your past that demonstrates you have the stuff to succeed and defeat these transitory difficulties.


Monitor your energy levels at the present time. You might be slow, especially assuming that you have been committing yourself to serve others or have been pushing hard to accomplish an objective. Strength Reversed is your encouragement to assess the situation and reestablish your energy levels by resting and pulling out for a brief period. You really must deal with yourself so you can deal with others.


In its shadow structure, Strength Reversed can flag that you are inclined to the touchy way of behaving, blowing up at others, and becoming forceful. You might act without thinking and wind up accomplishing something you lament later. The key isn’t to quell the crude inclination, yet to figure out how to channel it so it won’t hurt others or yourself. Look for an expert to assist you with better managing these feelings.

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