Psychometry, lIke it says, is the art of reading objects. It’s picking up energy off of another object. Does it work? You bet, and we all use it every day. I’ll explain how, why and can teach it to you minutes!

Firstly, all object animate and inanimate have energy. They hold cell memory from when they were formed. This can be from thousands of years ago. They can also hold energy from things around them. That means, objects are empathy, just like we are, absorbing energy. Some objects absorb energy easier than others, but I have yet to find an object that does not have this ability.

Take something you wear, for example, like a necklace or a favorite sweater. Both absorb energy, but metal is a better conductor of electricity, and will give off more impressions. Jewelry is something that I use primarily when I read objects( I really don’t need to to this anymore, but this is a good way for a beginning reader to start).

Now don’t get me wrong. The sweater that rests on your body and hangs in a closet where you sleep is important also. In my experience, it is far easier and quicker to use a small piece of something someone owns that does conduct electricity to get a clearer feeling faster. In a pinch, either will do.

Now starting with that object, I open myself up by saying a prayer to my angel and guides for clear and helpful information. I also usually start by meditating for about 15 minutes. This aligns me to my talents.

1. Now for a beginner, I would start by finding a piece of jewelry of someone you know, but not super well.

2. Make sure you have paper and a pen .

3. Hold the item in your hand; what is the first thing that comes to your mind? How is it coming? Sight sound, touch, smell, feeling?

4. Write everything down, giving as many details as possible.

5. Try to write whatever you see, feel, taste or touch. I can guarantee if you are relaxed and receptive, you will get something from the item.

Everyone may get different information, because our psychic impressions are as different as we are. (That’s why you can get different info. from different psychics. but the reading will be similar.)

Some Ways to Practice

I have other people bring objects and we all practice. I’ve noticed that people get much, much better with practice.

That’s all there is to it. Seems easy doesn’t it? So get practicing!